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  1. kyle the 32 and the 64 is doing the same thing on the original viewer i can't use fire storm at all like you all people a thinking am a using
  2. my graphic card is the main issues on running the 3rd party viewers its intel hd graphic only
  3. i did that more then once but it still does the redownload crap over and over
  4. constantly wanting to redownload over and over and i can't get on second life and currently stuck on mobile cause this keeps a happening and i can't use any third party viewers at all what the hell going on and why am i getting treated this way cause this is bull ***** i have horses that needs to be feed and can't feed them threw mobile
  5. okay if you get the free classic clothes that has the alpha mesh with it you can wear them clothes with maitreya but all you do is not wear the alpha mesh just the outfit and all you have to do is go on to your Maitryea hud and alpha out the body parts
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