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    login failure

    He Jewell, stil no luck on my side. STrange thing on its own since ive been able to login, and out regulairly prior this ....event. Although it wouldnt hurt to get myself a new laptop. TOdays errorrapports where non-excisting, so i am stil grounded. And weekend is nearing grrrrrr Ill be checking other sources out to see if i can work out this in by now pretty ignoring situation. THx though for helping out!!
  2. Mr1Plant

    login failure

    Yes, indeed. Timezone e.d. al are acurate to the sec. No changed were added after i already re-entered several times sice i need to refresh quit often. But i did was send out duo a rstart of an area, after 10 minutes being ingame. I'll try those delays out right after my cup of coffee just now and who knows. It may al have been fixed or such. Thx for the eye-openers and i'll ceep new intel coming in as i figured oit more.
  3. Mr1Plant

    login failure

    Hey, i really likek the openworld. But it seems i can't get back in. Nor any firewalls, nor time-ssue are the case. Anyone any idea, plss? Sencerely..
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