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  1. I completely agree with companies making profit Hailee. That 60 million profit I spoke of is solely from the buying fees at 40 cents per transaction before the 20 cent increase. This doesn't include the 1.5 percent fee for every linden dollar sold, the five percent fee for every item sold on market place, the 10 Linden fee for every item upload into Second Life, the premium subscriptions or the land tier fees. If you're fine with paying a fee to buy lindens, paying another fee to upload items to the grid, paying another fee for selling those items on market and yet an additional fee to trade your Lindens in for dollars. by all means be happy about it. I for one consider that price gouging.
  2. Starting June 16, 2017 LL will increase their processing fees by 30 percent. I find that a remarkably high increase. "Last year alone, users processed credits amounting to $60 million (USD) from the Second Life economy. " The fee for purchasing L$ on the LindeX will increase from $0.40 (USD) to $0.60 (USD) per transaction So according to Linden Labs, they make millions of dollars by increasing the fees by 30 percent. Thanks a lot Linden! This is an Outrage! They say this is to prevent fraud and money laundering?!? What about price gouging their consumers?
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