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  1. yes while in firestorm when i open account page or a friends profile page, in account page it goes to a log in screen on the profile page it shows a padlock on the top left side so i have to log in to see a profile, , i notice this happens after i clean the viewers cache and do a clean up maintenence on my computer, it is as if the cookie got lost andd no way to get it back or store it again, until i uninstall the firestorm and reinstall it with a clean boot, and my mouse too keeps freezing up too, sometimes the viewer is not responding, but when the viewer is not respoding i usually find microsoft openning things in my task manager like programs i dont use, after i close them the viewer starts responding again usually, but while playing games if i hover the mouse, it likes to freeze up, very annoying, i ran debug and it only says mouse hover controlled by captor grab, whatever that means?
  2. i did that too and it still wont remember it logs out as soon as i close the window i guess, because if i reopen the window i have to log in again
  3. after microsoft did another update, i no longer get the error, but now the firestorm viewer wont stay logged in, if i open account page it goes to log in, i click on remember but it dont remember, i did notice if i copy my password, then remove it then paste it the dots are super long as if a bug on the password line, it does the same when i open a friends profile, the padlock appears, not letting me see the profile til i log in again and again, and this time after removing and pasting my password not it wont let me log in at all, all this is occuring while i am in world online after i logged in using my firestorm, i had no problem using an external browser Edge to log in, it seems to be bugs in the log in in firestorm causing it, or in the debug to debug keys, cant tell which is causing it
  4. i empty browser cache, clean temp, even clean %temp%, make sure nothing is using temp even clean edge and internet explorer but firestorm keeps crashing saying error, please verify enough space in temp file - and then it does not even send a crash report, i have no idea how to fix this, do you? And after i clean temp again it dont save cookies, i have to log in many times while inside second life to my account, sl marketplace and my profile, it dont seem to store a cookie at all, no option to accept one either
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