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  1. Of course!! If you are talking seriously (Not trolling) I will accept that!
  2. Heyya!! wanna some chimichangas?? It's deadpool! I just want to meet friends for public roleplay, it's so much fun. I do it alone and most of people enjoy meeting "Deadpool" and have fun with me, dancing or just insulting me (In RP ofc). I look for people to do amazing stuff like battles in some places (If they allow us to do that). Imagine that one of us is batman and another one is superman, we go to a place with lots of people and start a fight between us. It's just to make participate people in the roleplay as spectators (If they want to). We can do more stuff like acting like ou
  3. Thanks! I've tried to go into the page but can't open it after I uploaded an image
  4. Buenas, estaba buscando gente que quisiera participar en "actuaciones" tipo Roleplay en el que cada uno encarnara a un superhéore o villano. La idea es ir haciendo una historia y hacer partícipa al resto de gente de second life a través de peleas en salas públicas de forma espontánea, como si Second Life tuviera también sus héroes y villanos que en cualquier momento pueden aparecer y entretenerlos. Obviamente si molestáramos en algún sitio se interrumpiría el RP, pero la idea es divertirnos nosotros y divertir a la gente de alrededor, de tal forma que puedan incluso participar ellos tambi
  5. So this is like a facebook or smth?
  6. Si te interesa tener a deadpool como RRPP solo dímelo A pesar de que llevo días en el juego creo que controlo lo básico ya
  7. Yeah most of people does but i just want to post it here to entertain people
  8. Hi, i would like to ask if I can open a thread to put the things I do each day in SL with images and that kind of stuff. I don't see any category for that, so... where could I open the thread? Thank you so much
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