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  1. I'm looking for some girls who like to chill and are looking for a family in SL. :D

    We are looking for people to fill the following positions if they wish.


    xDSister (s):

    Aunt (s):





    Best Friend (s):

    :ph34r:Exotic Best Friend (s):

    Any other member of the family you could think of:

    All I ask is be respectful of one another and don't make me turn into Joel Osteen ty! ^_^


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  2. What is the Double Standard for dating on SL?

    What happen to standards? There is a conspiracy that states that when people do online dating they tend to lower their standards. That may be true since you don't really know who is on the other side of the screen. Although, If there were what would they be for men and women?

    For me the standards are the following:


    How can we be in any kind of relationship if we can't talk. How am I supposed to get to know you better or relate to you otherwise. Plus "in communication it's not just speaking it's also listening we have two ears and one mouth." - Lexi Darcel 


    We all have them and we have to make sure we spend time focusing on them. When I'm in a relationship I like to make time for them and for them vice versa.

    Stating your boundaries:

    Maybe there are things you don't like doing or talking about. Don't push it (although this depends on how much you know they trust you).


    If he/she can't take the blame for things they did and you always have to take it odds are it just wasn't meant to be.


    What makes you stand out past other people. You aren't perfect but you do what you can. (Good job!)


    Do they treat you with respect? They may not treat themselves with respect so I wouldn't say treat people like how you want to be treated. To that person that cares for you in the slightest wouldn't call you a b*** or ect. unless your acting like one. Plus if they are giving you derogatory around the clock that's a big sign that they aren't interested in you.


    You putting in time and energy into someone takes a lot of effort. (You are amazing for doing this) It's basically all of the above and more like taking them somewhere nice and exploring SL with them. YAY!

    Congrats for making it to the end of this forum! Please commit below (man/woman) and state your double standards. I hope this was helpful and if it wasn't comment something that might would have made this better. Thank you. 


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  3. If you like to chat and chill then add me!:D

    If you are new to the game don't worry because I am new too!

    If you wanna know a little bit about me: I love art and designs. I live in the USA. I like to ask a lot of questions so I can get to know you better.

  4. I don't want to over do the relationship but I want to do things that are to no expense and harmless to do. Like today I wrote a poem for him and I don't know if he'll like it:

    It goes like this: Roses are red, Oceans are blue

                              I like kittens, But not as much as I love you

                              You are my seductive strawberry

                               So scrumptious and sweet

                                  Your words are like liquor

                                      You knock me off my feet

    Am I going to far or should I give him this poem? Let me know down below.:D

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