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  1. @Nalates Urriah Ive been searching up stuff and I kinda learned details on mesh bodies and alphas and was a bit confused cause my friend suggested me to use FireStorm program im not sure if people can see me or not i just want to learn the basic skills and its pretty rough also a mess from what i heard from other people.....
  2. @HarrisonMcKenzie What I'm saying is there is nothing wrong with the heads that I use it happens with all mesh heads that I bought the point is that when I put the alpha with my mesh head the head disappears and isn't it suppose to get rid of the system head? From meshing with it or am I wrong? I'm not sure but, when I take the alpha off my mesh head starts meshing with the system head and that's the only way everyone can see my head and its strange I even had 2 good people to help and they had to look on my laptop and they thought it was odd we see differently from each others computers.
  3. Hi I am having trouble with the adding on mesh heads and ive bought many meshs my problem is that everytime I try to add one on and put the alpha on to get rid of the system head my mesh head disappears idk if I am doing something wrong cause I think I am, or is it my settings? I got help from one of thecatwa contemporaries she helped me but today when I got back on it was like white rings around my eyes.....Yesterday she fixed my settings on why my head was disappearing I took it off because I didn't know how to get rid of the rings around my catwa head by my eyes. Can someone help me step by step to put on a mesh head or is there anyway I can stop the system head from popping up when I have no alpha on, cause I tried to use the "invisible avatar" mask when I used it my mesh head is gone but I'm the only person that can see it and nobody else can and everyone who helped said it was very strange and odd I really thought the sameas you can see I'm kinda new to this and the catwa head cause you have to put it on in a specific order or style however you suppose.
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