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  1. Yah, and even now I have go to Maitreya and get another one, but still Hud have no work! It have strange coz when I click on HUD, it come an not just is it the one button, but it have look like disassemble, and I see open pages for Alpha Layer and everythings, but is strange and no kknow why it do these thing, but it have stuck!
  2. Hi, Something have happen to my Maitreya Avatar, the HUD. I click on and nothing work. And so i go to Maitreya store and I have another one deliver to me, and I put on the newest version of Maitreya, and still HUD no work! I canna explain, but HUD is stuck and have very strange coz is open, and I see it, but is not just one button, and have all pages of HUD open, but stuck? And it do nothing, and I canna do nothing..and is hard for me to give explain, but may be someone have know what is problem and can help me?
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