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  1. Hello, I'm trying to get back into roleplaying. I haven't roleplayed in years, not since I was an "illiterate" tween. I would prefer it if we would rp through PMs primarily, rather than inworld. As it's less likely that I have the access to a suitable environment, me being a year underage and a free member. If you are recently experienced, I will gladly take notes for improvement upon what's necessary. As stated above, paragraphs are desired for responses. Two paragraphs minimum, please. I'm used to discussing the initial setting with a partner one on one, so if that's acceptable, let's please do that. <3
  2. Hello there, I will call you Piper. I used to have a cat with that name, before I found out he was actually a boy.. Anyway, first things first, I totally understand with the dropping of most things. If you do it without the the intention of doing so, then I can fully empathize. It's something I'm trying to get better about. But I'm glad to see someone who has the same struggle. I'm curious about your writing style. I too have struggled with depression.. though I feel better referring to it as a misty maze of melancholy. I could talk for hours about mental health, the relative means of struggling with an illness, or a wound from a fleeting emotion, experiences, and coping mechanisms. I enjoy listening to others and learning what I can from their stories and experiences. So I will listen to you, if you ever need an online ear. Anything you wish to talk about, I'm down to exchange words. Anime, writing, what it takes to get up and do something, roleplaying, whatever. Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon. <3
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