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  1. Hello, I'm trying to get back into roleplaying. I haven't roleplayed in years, not since I was an "illiterate" tween. I would prefer it if we would rp through PMs primarily, rather than inworld. As it's less likely that I have the access to a suitable environment, me being a year underage and a free member. If you are recently experienced, I will gladly take notes for improvement upon what's necessary. As stated above, paragraphs are desired for responses. Two paragraphs minimum, please. I'm used to discussing the initial setting with a partner one on one, so if that's accep
  2. Hello there, I will call you Piper. I used to have a cat with that name, before I found out he was actually a boy.. Anyway, first things first, I totally understand with the dropping of most things. If you do it without the the intention of doing so, then I can fully empathize. It's something I'm trying to get better about. But I'm glad to see someone who has the same struggle. I'm curious about your writing style. I too have struggled with depression.. though I feel better referring to it as a misty maze of melancholy. I could talk for hours about mental health, the relative means
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