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  1. OMG! Did you know sl has Burning Man?! Burn2. I never even thought to look into it until a friend told me. Excited about it! Hope to see everyone there!
  2. I'm also 46 female! I have 4 cats and I love music and reading and writing and art. I can be a bit shy sometimes but sometimes not. It's not so difficult to find men in sl but I'd like to have some girlfriends to hang out with!
  3. AND....done. Read all 54 pages. You're my family now. Sorry for all the breakfast, lunch, dinner, birthdays, rez days and meme wars I missed.
  4. I also dressed up as WW when I went to see the movie. I should have taken a snapshot.
  5. Anyone can show me anywhere, please. I wanna be where the people and good times are.
  6. First time here, first thread I read (1st page and last page) and I got a story on the first page and hot guy on the last so I like it here. I'll have to go back and read the whole 45 pages.
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