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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Peaceful Haven/122/135/2002 This is where I got it, try looking around there and ask people but don't be too pushy with it, just ask people on the side and hang around while you wait for someone who looks like they may know. I think it was genkouhande.
  2. I have -no- idea where it is on sale. I got it free and I don't remember who gave it to me.
  3. There is a bit more context to this than I'm willing to put out right now, but I will say that he knowingly gave it to me. If the ticket is cleared I may share some more details, but it may not matter by then. ; _;''
  4. His account is ten years old. Maybe I'll buy premium again.. I'm just deeply concerned. I mean, look at my swagalicious wendy, it'd be a shame if something happened ya know? :c
  5. I submitted a ticket inquiring about what I may be able to do in order to avoid penalty incase this suspicious amount of L$ is hacked, as I was always told that if it seems too good to be true it likely is. I'm curious as to any steps I may be able to take to ensure this does not negatively effect my future experience on second life, and no I'm not going to "send it to x user for verification" if anybody is going to try that crud. I simply wish to discuss, in case I am in any danger of action taken against my account. It is not like I am able to deny lindens being given to me, after all.
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