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  1. omg thank you my friend for your best information.
  2. i have windows 7 that this morning a notification sant for me about update and i did that
  3. i live in iran but i have high-speed internet. i upgraded my windows today but i think i dont update my antivirus i will log in again or move my computer to a different place to see what if.
  4. also i uninstalled my SL and downloaded it again. but i couldnt log in
  5. i checked it.and my firewall is off i use wireless network connection and last night i dont have any problems with it. i did them.restart my lap top but i couldnt log in
  6. i logged in but cant come to the game and after a few minutes this message show me: " log in failed. despite our best efforts , something unexpected has gone wrong. please check https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ to see if there is known problem with the services. if you continue to experience problems , please check your network and firewall setup" i went to that site but that cant help me.
  7. hi i cant log in. my password and user name is right but i cant log in to the game:( last night i played the game but today i cant log in please help me.what should i do
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