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  1. ok thx for the help! i realy appreciate it i'll bookmark this post for the handy tips you gave me!
  2. If i'm allowed to post links i will do that so when you replied But for now i will tell you this i bought one package one order one deal. that contained a head and body the name of the thing i bought is : BASIS MESH AVATAR BY TELLAQ
  3. ok thx for the reply i deleted the photo so no one can see it i didn't know that but thx for the reply
  4. Hello ! Recently i started playing SL more actively and started exploring and doing everything a bit, but today i bought mesh packs, which i have no problems with, but i recently bought a ***** and it kind of hovers from my body? it's not realy attached to it, it's just floating there. 1/2inch from my body. i tried to wear and add but none of them seem to change the appearance of it. And to add with that the tone of my head isn't the same of my body, yet i bought the head and body mesh in one package deal.( i'm color blind to an extend and not good in matching colors, i can distinct them from eachother but cant call them by name or copy the color) And my body doesn't realy sync up with emotes I.e. cuddling > hand is hovering over body or inside the body. Best Regards Dennis. (ps english is not my native language)
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