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  1. Anyone have suggestions for generating a normal map from a diffuse texture? The brightness setting did great given my diffuse, but the UV map generators I've tried seem to create UV seams so I'm not sure if it's making an SL compatible UV map (using CrazyBump)
  2. Update: After playing around, it seems that using the "brightness" setting in the Bumpiness slot is screwing things up. I'm not exactly sure but I think what's happening is that, as soon as I set that option, it reverts to the old pre-material system and totally ignores the spec map.
  3. I'm having an issue where any specular map I apply to my mesh creates a 100% shiny object, no matter what level of gray/black/white. I've used my own textures and specular map shades from the marketplace with the same result. The glossiness, environment, and color options do not make any sort visible change for me. I have all graphics settings at their highest with hardware skinning, advanced lighting models enabled, etc. and I'm on Firestorm Does anyone know what my issue could be?
  4. I'm going to change the permissions as soon as I have access to an actual PC. Sudden family issues has left me stuck on mobile at the moment but I do appreciate all the advice.
  5. Alrighty, done. Thank you both for your take on the review. I'll put a bullet point in each of my ads that even more clearly state the permissions.
  6. I just received a pretty hard hitting review, but unfortunately I don't know exactly how to respond in this situation. For background: Most of my home furniture products are transfer only, and the listing does show this on the right hand side of the listing. However, the review I just received showed a lot of hostility over how I choose to sell my products, even though my listing tells you it is no copy, no modify. How should I handle the situation? Refund? Apologies? Or is this not a good review? I'm not sure if I'm in the right here. Thank you for any help.
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