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  1. I'm looking to find someone who may be able to help out with a typer script. It's simple I'd like it to play an animation, a sound, and make a small mesh object glow when typing. That's it. Please let me know what your prices and timeframe is. ♥ Thank You, Yazmyn Ormega
  2. Looking to hire a landscaper to terraform a sim in a halloween theme for an event The parcel size is 65520 Prim Allotment 30k Prims Theme: Halloween Town mixed with hocus pocus (think disney halloween) Time Frame: Needed before 10/05/2018 Please reach out inworld to doubledos resident or yazmyn ormega email: thegeekdsociety@gmail.com
  3. For several small accessories no rigging required. Please message me via e-mail moonunicornx@gmail.com
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