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  1. Day 2. So far I have... Disabled my firewall Uninstalled all of my virus protection (for nothing, mind you) Uninstalled and reinstalled the entire game Installed Firestorm and tried using that Tried to log into god knows how many different known working regions Reset our entire internet setup as instructed Used live chat who did nothing but tell me to reset everything for the umpteenth time (which didn't work anyway) Tried using a public DNS Tried using an alternative IP address Made an alt account to see if it's account-related (it wasn't) Restarted the entire computer between most of these things Most likely gained about a dozen new gray hairs. And here I am, still unable to cancel my premium account because evidently it is too much to ask me my security question and release my land remotely so I can stop paying for something I CANNOT use. I'm beyond frustrated and I'm out of ideas. My head hurts. I'm tired of not being able to do something that should have been accessible via the dashboard from the start. I can't avoid another charge unless I release my land, which cannot be done without accessing the game (something I CANNOT do, as I've explained already) or want to deal with changing my payment method to be invalid so I can rack up a huge bill on the account and get myself banned.
  2. Update: I've tried resetting the router (hard to get away with, I live in a building shared with many others and the router isn't supposed to be tampered with, oopsie...) but it didn't do anything. I guess I'll have to try live chat. ;n; Thank you for your responses, I hope I can get this sorted out so I don't have to worry about paying money I don't have for something I can't use right now
  3. I keep getting this error trying to log in... This wouldn't be a big enough issue for me to make a forum post, though, I did not genuinely need to log in to release my land and cancel my premium account. I'm in a financial bind and can't afford to pay for this service right now (or even play SL right now) and need to cancel it until things are good again. I can't seem to do this from the dashboard and have to log into the game, but...then this error shows up. My internet is working properly and I disabled firewalls. Still no change, still can't cancel my payments. Is this a known issue that I will just need to ride out for a few hours/days or is there something I can do about it? I can't afford to do my usual monthly game payments this month, so I'm sort of frantic about it, I guess x_x
  4. I haven't had any issues, I've only been back for like 3 days - thank goodness. I just noticed that the paranoia was a thing while quietly browsing around. It kinda made me sad/worried, but that could just be me overreacting ^^; I did add to my profile shortly after making this just in case, I just hope people don't do that "ban on sight" thing and that they just take a mo' to look. But I guess, if they don't, they're not really the sort of people I want to come anywhere near in the first place, right? Thank you for your response!
  5. ...without adding boobs/muscles. Okay, I haven't used SL in ages but here's the deal. I like cute stuff. A lot. Pastels, pastel goth, "kawaii" culture, chibi anything, lil animals and puppies, man, you name it. Since I'm not cute IRL, I wanted to be cute on SL. Trying to achieve this, I looked for corgi avatars because corgis are cute incarnate - I also have a corgi fursona, so...y'know. Found a purple corgi mod that looks EXACTLY like my fursona, but it was for something called the Kemono avatar. Got both, made it work, made myself CUTE AS HECK and haven't stopped gawking at myself because it's perfect for me. But... Bopping around the world, I found a bunch of places I'd like to chill in. But they all have strict rules about mature-looking avatars/avatars not looking like children, and the ones I stumble upon that don't are roleplay related and I don't RP. I just chat and explore and shop. So, when all your avatars and all your money you spent on SL went to the "cute" factor and enter a weird gray area, you stop and wonder, "Does my character look mature enough?" Looking for solutions, I saw many people recommend using this breast mod for Kemono, but...I'm trans. I like cute and pastel, but I have a lot of dysphoria around body things. My avatar isn't a character, it's me but a tiny dog. A tiny, cute dog with no boobage or junk that needs to see the light of day, like, ever. Adding breasts to a digital me just sits so wrong with me and makes SL less enjoyable and more of a misery fest. If it's my second life, why do I need to fit societal norms in that one too, you know? I want to continue using this avatar because it's perfect for me but I don't want to make people uncomfortable, but also don't want to make ME uncomfortable, so it's just...ugh. Are my only options to just make my corgi avatar even more freakishly long-legged or get a more "mature" looking avatar I don't like, which also sets off dysphoria? Sorry for the griping, it's just causing me a lot more turmoil than a voluntary "second life" should. Just wanted to see if there's options I'm overlooking, besides quitting that is. Maybe some leads on furry-friendly areas that don't mind the chibi Kemono style of avatar or something? I don't know. Sorry for the rambles. ;n;
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