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  1. We must remember that LL are committed (sic) to improving the "shared experience". At one time client-side baking of the avatar meant that occasionally folk with either a poor internet connection to SL or a slow computer would see themselves "clouded" though others might see them correctly. This was unfair! Now we can all share in the communal clouding! Yay! All Server Side Baking and the distributed CDN did was to shift the rendering load from one part of the system to another. Like all chains, links can break, whichever they are.
  2. I'm just tagging my issue onto this thread since it is quite possibly related. Wirtz, on Adult Mainland has recently suffered from appalling problems of poor server performance...script run below 5% and simulator physic FPS tanking at every login/out or TP. Time Dilation is frequently below 0.7 for quite a few seconds at such times and we have not been able to sort the issue out. Clearly the region is suffering, but as to why I am clueless. Lilian and Whitney Linden have dealt with this issue, restarting the region twice recently but the problem has returned each time. Now given the nature of the largest parcel on the region, Street Whores, the script number has always been high, and nothing has changed recently in that regard. So we are left scratching our collective heads as to what has caused this performance drop. LL's response is, not unreasonably, that the issue is purely to do with the large number of scripts run on our parcel. Why this should have suddenly become a capacity issue when it was not before is a mystery to me. Maybe wiser heads than mine can suggest a sensible course of action?
  3. Yes, it's actually more than the fourth time, but at this stage who's counting? This time I am in the barrel, having been lucky enough to not have been affected thus far. DDoS prevention is one thing but I wonder if what we are seeing now is the result of servers having actually being damaged by the huge influx of requests that DDoS involves? It is becoming a worry that LL and their partners cannot seem to inoculate against these attacks.
  4. Mea Culpa I was wrong and I was credulous with a contact that had an axe to grind. I know enough to be worried but not enough to spot a shovel full of BS as it was served to me. Sorry! My point about the lack of inward investment into SL's infrastructure remains and is valid, but let's face it, we all know that!
  5. Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa Well if anyone has a good trick for removing Egg on Face, I would like to know! OK I am in the dog-house and I know it. I really ought to make sure that my sources don't have large axes to grind. I know enough to talk nonsense, it seems but not to smell BS when it is given to me. The point about the lack of inward investment in SL remains, the rest is just plain wrong. Sorry!
  6. Well, I hope that this IS true and that the central Server Cluster will be fine, I just won't be holding my breath.
  7. Yes, I remember most of them and these crashes ARE different. 2007-8 was part of a learning curve for LL. It is a shame they did NOT learn.
  8. Let me be clear. These opinions are mine, and mine alone. As to who gave me the insight...sorry I am not going to tell you. Not all of LL's former employees hated SL. This is NOT a typical SL breakdown. This time it IS serious. But SL is just another Social Medium...isn't it?
  9. I have posted this elsewhere in these forums but here is as good a place as any. SL's central server cluster has failed. This is NOT a viewer-related issue, though FS suffers more than LL in that the viewer needs to access the FS blog server to get its start-up splash and that server is being swamped by folk desperately trying to log in. This is NOT a Login server failure either, although LL appear to be in denial about this. 1) The current technical support at LL simply does NOT have the knowledge or understanding of SL to repair this failure. 2) LL have steadfastly refused to spend money, much needed money, on the SL infrastructure. It has finally broken and SL is dying. This is what heart-failure looks like. By the way I have been an thoroughly addicted SL user for nearly 10 years now and this pains me more than I can adequately state
  10. The story is simple, LL's servers have broken down. They are now unable to keep anything over 30K online stably. There have now been 6 significant crashes where numbers online have crashed from c30K to not much more than 10K. This is NOT a viewer issue, it is NOT a login server issue. This is the one thing that LL have feared for over two years, a central cluster failure. That they have done nothing to "fix" it shows two things: 1) The present technical team do NOT have the knowledge of SL they need. 2) They basically have refused to spend money...much needed money, on the SL infrastructure. SL is dying and dying fast, this is what heart failure looks like. Nice one Whirly, good to see a sense of humour in all this carnage.
  11. Rachel Good that it has cleared up for you but that sounds far more like an ISP issue that went away than anything else. I had no changes to my experience over the recent past days.
  12. OK Rachel I see nothing amiss in your system, but I would say that mesh is slower to rez for me too on 5.0.7 but the symptoms you are reporting sound more like a problem with the simulator/region you are in. Or: Your graphics system is not great the x30M GPU is a weak one (the second digit (3) is the important one really together with the M suffix), especially with a 240m draw distance. Try reducing it to 160 or even 96m see if anything improves. I find LOD of 3.5 works better for me with mesh especially. I am guessing that you have a dual graphics set up from the Windows graphics driver listed...make sure that Firestorm IS using the Nvidia GPU and hasn't reverted to the on-board graphics of the CPU after a Windows update (it can happen). Some of your symptoms suggest your PC is also running slowly...time for a scan perhaps? Outside of this, are you WiFi or hard-wired? If you are WiFi, a bandwidth of 1450kbps is way too high. It needs to be around 500 kbps for WiFi. Check and reboot your router. The reason for a low bandwidth requirement for SL is due to the slow packet delivery capability of all WiFi systems (I was told this by someone who ought to know, an ISP engineer).
  13. Rachel Under normal conditions your ping of 19ms is clearly not to the Tucson server farm (unless you happen to live in AZ) or your ping sim would not be 200-220ms. If it WAS, I'd say that the server was having a problem and needs to be restarted. Contact the sim owner about that. We need more information about your computer system before anyone can give any meaningful advice.
  14. So the Url BUG was not fixed on the initially rolled software and Magnum and Cake were rolled back. The only way I found out about this is the post Whirly made in the thread on that issue: ""Just to note for those testing this, Magnum & Cake are being rolled back again. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/z6c6kk0h07hz"" You have a QA process. It does not need a whole RC channel to test the fix. Are LL no longer competent to test their own software updates without messing up their users? Also, it would have been polite to post SOME explanation for the roll-back in here.
  15. OK for the second week running Magnum and Cake are being rolled a second time. What broke this time? Don't you guys have a beta testing grid to winkle these bugs out prior to perpetrating them on us? I know these are "Release Candidate" channels but the recent mess suggests your QA is distinctly below par.
  16. My misinterpretation. It is the release notes for LeTigre that has the date wrong. There are two entries for last week. You'd think someone would have noticed by now!
  17. Now maybe I'm missing something, but the release notes for LeTigre point to last week's software, NOT this week's. Magnum is correct and Bluesteel is apparently TBD, so what is actually being rolled to LeTigre tomorrow?
  18. *sigh* After all these years and folk still think "Workingonit" Linden actually does something. I have lost count of the times when the Linden Lab way of "working on" a problem actually makes it worse.
  19. D'oh! Me dim and cannot tell the time. You are the font of all common sense, clearly
  20. I second Lucia's comment. Updated implies something changed. The Release notes before and after are identical. So what changed...the font size?
  21. This is fascinating. Despite the persistent reports of related phenomena (Alwin we don't need your unhelpful sarcasm here), this issue, in various forms continues to plague SL. SOME of the issues are almost certainly client-side and may be ISP issues. Some are most definitely NOT. Following yesterday's Main Server Roll, performance on our homestead was distinctly better until the evening, when my partner and I both suffered silent disconnects simultaneously. That was NOT ISP related,(we use different ISPs) and it had more in common with the sort of phenomenon we used to see at the time of the "Time-Warp" BUG a few years ago. Now I noticed from the release notes that yesterday's roll was to introduce new "safeguards" against capability failure. THAT causes me to wonder if it is related to the issue?
  22. Interestingly yes, I have noticed that rezzing is slow today especially for mesh objects. I also noticed MP and other inworld HUD interactions to be slow so I assumed it was my ISP at first, but I have heard a lot of folk complaining in the past hour or so. I wonder if it is connected with today's Main Server Roll (since most complaints were from folk on Main Server sims). Oh I love being a newbie again...to clarify this is an "Alt" and I've been in SL since 2008!
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