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  1. The Marketplace

    Is it just my account or is the Marketplace down? ... When i go to buy something a green warning label pops up saying "We are unable to process you order at this time, please try again later. You can add this item to the cart or save it to your favorites" ............ Does or has this happened to anyone else ?
  2. Dropped a box

    Well I have dropped a box in which i cannot open. The original question was answered, taught me how to right click on a Mac. however, all it seems to do is just drag the box anywhere i drag it to. if this makes any sense to anyone in the cyber world, please feel free to point me in the correct direction on to how I go about deleting it. And thank you Chic Aeon for answering my original question I appreciate the help. -Shangmu
  3. Dropped a box

    Dropped a box in which I cannot open. How do I delete it?