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  1. I'm aware of Lumiya, but I don't have a android. Only a Iphone, and Windows Phone. Anyhow, I'm more curious as to if there are any IOS/Iphone SL Apps to play on just to text with friends. I don't care about moving around in world, and stuff. I want a messenger client but moving around would be a plus. More importantly, I just want to know why Linden Labs won't make a official secondlife app. I'm sure many would pay a few dollars to use it. I know they tried long ago with something called SecondLife Go or whatever which was a failure that no one liked.
  2. Seriously? We should have had an app developed for a few years now with how big the smartphone market has come, and how big SL has gotten and becoming a business and all. I can't believe they haven't once tried to put out an app, and meanwhile there are platforms like Lumyia for the Android. (Sadly Windows Phones will be left out, luckily I got a Iphone now, so there's hope to get Lumyia possibly one day). Linden Lab, answer me!!! Why hasn't there been a app made or if there is one in development, how come we aren't hearing about it? Can we ever expect to have an app? Also, is there any good Iphone Apps? Can you guys please list<3 Thank you huns.
  3. Hello! Thank you for reading curious one. *Smiles* Are you looking for work, specifically to DJ anywhere, or know of anyone looking for work? Well, I'm a event manager at a wonderful club in SL called The Ladyboys Club. We are a strip club of beautiful T-Girls (shemale) and are looking for some DJ's to help out with events. Any day of the week is fine. (If you can only work on Tuesdays, that is ok. If you can only work on Sunday, that is ok etc). We have Saturday outside beach parties, and wet wednesday parties, and other cool events. We are wanting 2018 to be a great and fun year, so if anyone is looking for work as a DJ please feel free to message me in world. My contact name is Ireiia Resident You can also drop by http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Playa dela Vida/74/167/24 in world yourself, grab a application, contact the owners, they'll send you to me, or Kelly.
  4. Just buy a 1 linden outfit. There's decent Maitreya things and what not for 1 linden. Why tip 1 linden to a dancer, or host, or club? Then again, that one linden can always start somewhere, maybe save up for some land!
  5. Yep TEQi's was that popular club that has griefer attacks for 2 months or longer to drive people out of the sim. They made it group only started charging 1k per invite to get into the sim and club.. Seemed to work.
  6. A friend of mine sent a hud called "spunk lovers". I cannot detach it at all..... For some reason character test isn't working when i click test female. Ok nevermind... I got it off. Disable the RLV in viewer privacy settings. I did that, but you also have to relog for it to go into effect. :
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