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  1. I see a few ferals wandering around community and urban sims that allow them as family pets or strays. I'm pretty sure there are even some medieval/fantasy sims that will allow feral avatars too. Not sure if that's your cup of tea, but that's the sort of places I've come across so far. Other than that, I'm not sure where all the other four-legged woofers are.
  2. As you could have probably guessed by the title, I am RPing a mare and trying to find a nice roleplay I can fit into. I've recently purchased the Teegle Horse avatar, and at the moment, I've refrained from purchasing tack until I can find a place to RP. No need to go wasting all of my fresh Lindens now. With that being said, I have no trouble with buying my own items so I'm plenty capable of self-sufficiency should anyone decide that my character would make a good companion. I'm not seeking any type of roleplay in particular because I'm pretty flexible when it comes to genres. Whether it'
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