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  1. Can we just have a legacy environment option so I can pass entirely on this "improvement"?
  2. Yes I loved pre-EEP SL. I photographed skies. https://www.flickr.com/photos/99805182@N05/ My ability to photograph has been effectively ruined. No real will to log in now.
  3. I'm playing FFXIV now. Can't tolerate the amateur graphics since the EEP improvement. They ruined SL for me.
  4. Sorry typo. No serious photographer uses a LL viewer. That takes the steam out of your little ***** rant. Oh and here's my land BEFORE the sky got ruined.
  5. The thing looks like ***** on the EEP viewer or have you not been reading. There is NO upgrade only a downgrade and no serious SL photographers use SL viewers. It may have been announced for some time but the fact that it's broken hasn't changed.
  6. Yes please? This is what MMO developers do. They would never release a broken buggy POS onto the live servers. It's wonderful that some day this will work and i'm glad for it being in dev but in it's current roll out it has broken the sky. I've stopped blogging for the time being. The sky is broken unless you switch to a beta viewer that is still in development. LL jumped the gun on this.
  7. https://www.flickr.com/photos/99805182@N05/ I know a thing or 2 about wind light. Being able to get a single sky to look passable using edit environment isn't the point. Having every sims cycling winlight ruined the default ruined as well as the 100 custom wind lights ruined is. Everywhere I go in sl looks ridiculous now and I'm not interested in opening edit environment and using you up is down left is right logic to fix it. There are many threads on FB of bloggers very upset that they can't photograph now because of this.
  8. The sky is completely ruined on Firestorm period. The clouds when i can get them to appear now move from the top of the sky to the bottom rather than east west left right it's completely unnatural. All of my windlights are ruined none work as intended. The sky looks as bad as Everquest did, in 1998, no wait that looked better. I realize that if i get on the EEP viewer it's better but no one wants to use a LL viewer. Why break the game for countless months by rolling out a beta?
  9. Can they turn this off until they release the official EEP viewer rather than ruin the sky for 6 months?
  10. Why should i have to look at some ugly default when i had 200 beautiful windlights that don't work anymore?
  11. The sky is ruined. I get the black stars too. the clouds pass the sky in a very unrealistic direction. the horizon line is horrible. Nothing was enhanced at all. What once looked natural no looks like it was done in 1995. I can't possibly blog landscape shots now. Seriously what idiot came up with this?
  12. So a friend of mine has a skybox at 3000feet. The actual TP invite from him is 3001 feet. I can get there if i accept his TP. If i try to teleport from my favorites or my history, it goes to the exact coordinate but only to 983 feet. I am floating in the air. I can fly up to the skybox but i can't TP in. every time it bumps me down to 983 feet. Help.
  13. Hi all, Let me preface this by saying i'm very new.... I bought some shapes and skins sets at a store and each set should have been a shape and like 3 skins. Unlike other's i've bought though, instead of being clearly marked as a shape or skin, they arrived in my received items folder as these box looking icons (see attached). I don't know if i'm supposed to somehow decompress those or open them or what. Help....
  14. So i bought a few shapes and skins sets and unlike some that I've purchased these arrived in my received items folders as these box icon files (see attached image). I've no idea how to open or decompress them. They should each contain or have been a shape and several skins. Please help.
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