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  1. And to be fair it costs lfar ess, given the stipend. But the increasedland allowance cost them almost nothing with all the empty land, so that doesn't justify making up for it.. I have trouble understanding why LL can have a huge price hike and be defended by many. People have said they should open financial info, and I understand why they won't do that. Ir's actually no win for them: They're either struggling financially and really need the revenue, which would justify the price increases but people would be screaming the sky is failling, that sl is in big trouble; or they're doi
  2. Lindens are money, but LL can create it at will. I really don't know if it would cost LL money to raise the premium stipend. There are probably some complications. "Printing more money" could lower the value of the Linden. But if it costs (and I don't know if it does; it seems it would but I can't claim to be sure) LL a lot less to provide L$ than the L$ are worth to the user, then they should increase the stipend to somewhat make up for the increased prices. It doesn't have to be proportional. I'll take half the difference in L$ and be willing to accept the tradeoff and stop complai
  3. Okay, so maybe a way to characterize the changes is a "bail out" of the land baron business. I'd wish LL had let the move, probably largely brought about through increasing the free land with a premium account, toward small ownership and less land baron/renting continue, even encouraging it. Because, I think it's better without middlemen. I know that before this account price explosion, I told a lot of people how they shouldn't be renting and should be owning and only occasionally was able to convicne someone to make the change. It was so much of a better value, even before having
  4. I'd have tried to build the base of premium users further, rather than making a lot more moneyper premium user. The increased land allowance for a premium account was a great example of that sort of action. LL could have found more tnagible things that didn't really cost LL to offer but would have been valuable to premium users. Enough of them and I'd even accept a smaller price increase than the large one they implemented without complaint.
  5. You posted why owning your own 1024 sq m parcel is still more for your money than renting one. Lots of people still rented, for, especially before the premoun account price explosion, reasons I couldn't understand. The fact is though that LLs' changes make owning a small parcel a much worse deal than it was (even if generally still better than renting), and land baroning a better deal (this is not an attack on full sim owners who rent parcels; if you have the money to invest it's a perfectly legit way to make money) I don't know why LL wants to make it even better when it was already pretty
  6. I know that landownees in general are a mix and there are many that do a lot of very nice things for their tenants. I don't mesan to imply they tend to love to abuse power or anything. My big issue is that LL seems to be accomodating landowners at all others' expense.
  7. They get a cut, I get an increase. And when we did get the extra land, they got a cut then too. But if I were getting a cut, or more free land with membership, then fine they can get another cut too. But since I'm getting a 250% increase, they shouldn't get a cut that I'm helping to pay for. LL is pushing land baron/rent when they should do the opposite (which the increase to 1024 did) and encourage more to be members and own small parcels and less land baron/renting. The upfront cost is worse than meets the eye, because it means taking a risk that things on sl will turn bad and yo
  8. I want to focus on the one idea in the original post I really like: Minor premium, though I'd make it "a la carte permium." You pick the premium benefits. Each has a cost. Some are worth more so might cost more than others. But different people have different priorities, so defined tiers don't work. Like, I might buy a package of owning land (1024 sq m free and the right to buy more, with a tier fee cost for more of course) and one of higher group/offline IM limits. Someone in another thread said they value easier access to crowded sims but don't care about owning land. The
  9. What I think people are missing is that this is not an incremental price incrwase, as it might appear at first, but a huge increase percentagewise-- when you consider how much we will have to pay on top of the worth of the Linden allowance. Raising annual prices from $72/year to $99 (basically $100)-- that's still really big, over a 33% increase-- but it's even a lot bigger, because it was about $10 per year counting the value of the L$ allowance, and now, it's $37 per year counting the allowance. So it isn't really a little over 33%: It's 250%, in the real cost. That is exorbitant. m
  10. If I'm going to consider paying for it, I have to be able to make the choice and see if a combo I like is available-- I'm known enough my first name will be Madison regardless, and if I can't have that with a last name I think is decent (whether or not I change my display last name, which I'm not sure one way or the other if I will), I won't do it. Related, of course, is that if I have to pay first and then see if something I like is available, I won't do it. That's like buying something expensive without demoing it. That's pretty steep, but it doesn't price me out
  11. Well, now at least I understand why, so for custom last names they can continue to charge very large amounts. It defeats a lot of the purpose, though. Obviously as Madison531, I have that name because I couldn't just be "Madison." I don't remember for sure, but I don't think I even checked to see if that was possible. Since right now there's only one last name ("Resident") there's no way "Madison" wouldn't have been taken. I may keep my display last name regardless, but if my official name can be "Madison" as a first name with a last name that's even mediocre instead of "Resident"
  12. That'll probably determine whether I do it or not. If LL wants my money for it, then the same as I demoed my mesh head to make sure I could get the face I wanted before buying it, they'll have to let me see what name I can have before I pay to change. I still don't get the having to choose the last name from a list though. If you choose your own last name than everyone can have a first/last combo they like, and If you want a profane name or something you can choose it as the first name, so I don't see how it prevents abuses.
  13. Wny a list of last names? Why not just let us choose any last name we want?
  14. As far as I can see, my house is entirely on my parcel. But there were some unused parts I've been trying to unlink (those parts I moved well within my parcel), and it won't unlink them because apparently there must be some tiny spot in which my house overlaps the neighboring parcel. I'd be happy to fix that, but I can't find where it is. It could be an invisible part, though I looked with it highlighted, etc.. How do I find it? I was trying to even think of a reason for the rule in the first place (any encroachment if I unlinked them is already happening with them linked), but I supp
  15. It seems like edit shape makes your avatar look okay to you, but not to everyone else. They'll fix it of course, but until then Edit Shape only seems to help you look better to yourself (in my case at least).
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