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  1. I didn't want to put myself fully out there into SL world until i was comfortable moving around. I avoided the social spots and crowded places. I may still avoid those but at least I'm trying. ?
  2. taken last week, but haven't changed. haha
  3. Hello friends I haven't met yet, I've been in newbie hibernation for a year and a half. I've had the opportunity to explore, shop and get comfortable with things in this amazing world of SL. I still have a lot to learn and I look forward to doing just that. For now, I am looking for friends. Where are your favorite hangouts? I need place recommendations to peel me out of my hibernation. Thanks for suggestions!
  4. Could use some help smoothing out my neck. Any tips? Also, who are your favorite clothing brands? I currently own a swim suit. That's it. haha Thank you
  5. I have tried the demo version enough to know I want to buy, where do I find it to buy? I just see the demo version. thanks... Opps found it! now to figure out how to delete this post.,..
  6. Wow! what a difference a mesh body makes! Demos are so helpful. Having so much fun looking.
  7. Thank you all so very much!! I am feeling refreshed and ready to try again today with your helpful tips and suggestions. I won't give up(again). Thanks for the encouragement. I was able to hide the flat feet, find heels for my slink feet and adjust my big hands.. i'm still a little jagged looking after playing with the sliders, so I will be searching to buy a smoother shape and skin. As for the house, I am big on decorating and i'm sure I will really get into that as I figure everything out. I just need starters for appearance and house as I learn more and am ready to edit myself. I appreciate your help. SL community rocks!
  8. Hey everyone, I have spent a good couple weeks trying to learn the ways of SL. Still feeling discouraged and really haven't expanded my knowledge with my own research and tutorial finds. I am hoping some kind soul out there is willing to help answer a few questions I have and help guide me in the right direction.. Goal #1: Appearance satisfaction... I am willing to spend about $20(US dollars) to find something that fits my personality and style. Currently not enjoying what I have found. and having trouble getting her right.. see attached photo that includes current SL me, my extra foot.. haha and what I'm wearing so maybe someone could tell me how to take off my flat feet to add my high Slink feet? I can't seem to get anything right.. I don't like her yet Goal #2: Finding a cute little beach house, fully decorated with an adult rating. I enjoy the sand, water, campfires... somewhere I can unpack an outfit I bought that requires me to have my own spot.. willing to pay a rental fee of about $10(US dollars/month) What are your favorite creators and places to be? Thanks for any willing help!
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