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  1. I appreciate the feedback and advice...I have edited my ticket to LL 4 times now, to include this thread proving others are falling victim to this same thing. My trash bin could not have had more than a few dozen things in it at the time this happened, I usually delete things like other mesh body applications or freebies i know i will never use on a daily basis. I would have thought they could determine where all of this went or how to get it back. Im afraid I have lost irreplaceable things and its heartbreaking. I was unaware how many sellers do not use caspervend or similar redelivery services and instead require transaction histories that can never be recovered. Thank you everyone.
  2. On 5/16 I was on my parcel fixing up my land. I had a folder open I called "home stuff" to work from. That folder contained several thousand items collected over the years to include houses, gacha items gardening items, furniture etc... A message box popped up in the middle of my screen (it was NOT a message box one typically gets from person to person conversation). It was a grey box that appeared to be from Lindens or my viewer (Firestorm). It said something to the effect "your trash folder is overflowing and may be causing lag issues click below to resolve" 2 buttons were in the box, empty trash and wait til later. Thinking this was a new feature (and i was lagging) I clicked empty now. The entire contents of my "home stuff" folder was deleted. I did not go to my trash folder and delete, I clicked the button in themiddle of my screen. Because i was on my own land and it did not look like a message box from an individual I clicked it. Thousands of things i have collected, many of which are irreplaceable are gone. I filed a ticket under griefing and saw it promptly got moved to "inventory issue" section. It is not an inventory rezzing issue someone stole my entire folder full of items. Many creators/sellers do not use caspervend and because these items were purchased months and years ago i am at a total loss. Please can anyone help or give me advice besides the dont click from strangers thing. Thanks in advance
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