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  1. Hello there everyone, i am wondering if it is possible for a teen avatar to have a paying job. The reason I am asking this is because I am wanting to change my adult avatar into teen.
  2. I have no rl money right now so i guess ill just keep my linden home for now thanks guys for the help
  3. I think ill go with option 1 but i read somewhere that it cost real money to buy the land
  4. Ok how would that work, I'm still kinda new to all this
  5. I have been a premium member for almost a year now and I only have a linden home. I thought I read somewhere we could get another plot of land or something to either build a house or business is this true? If so please explain to me how to do that.
  6. Hello Im looking into making Zooby baby clothes and I am fallowing the instructions that came with the kit i bought and im not sure how to use photoshop and was wondering if imgur would be okay to use
  7. Tweetykbj1993

    My avatar

    Hello my name is Kayla and i have been trouble with my avatar Jamie Weston. She will not load but everything around her loads, but she does not what do i need to do?
  8. I would some time like to start building a town and im not sure what kinda land would be best, Private Island or a mainland
  9. I bought a yearly Premium Membership on June the 1st using a credit card and i read that i would receive 1000L upon my membership being active and then 300 every week and i have not got my 1000L why
  10. Does anyone know if its possible to do a rent to own even if you don't have a membership
  11. I was looking for a place to enroll my avatar in an education program so that would be interesting to do and once she gets done ill be happy to teach sometimes
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