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  1. NEW fantasy Role-play : hud with "food, drink,blood,mana,aura,health,energy" vitals, start as human....and you can be vital "Aura : witch, warlock, mermaid", "blood : lycan, vampire, hybrid"and "Mana : wizard, Elf, triton" ....potions/crystals/rings/talismans and others stuff.

    Greater-demons and shadow hunters are the first ranks.

    create your "Family, mentors, kingdoms..."

    We are looking for nice people want start with us.

    Work with"experience" .

    Translator are accepted.

    contact me " samaeladam ", " bakhtan " ," kaiwka "

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mercury Rise/89/97/874

    the elite logo.jpg

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