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  1. The same happens to me When I enter to the sims, they are all empty And when I start a conversation they always end up ignoring me I made few friends in the past but that was a long time ago and I doubt they still remember me I think we have bad luck
  2. I do not look for a partner in SL Im only interested in getting lost in a virtual world where you can do it everything Since i was a kid i always liked science fiction and Sl is the closest thing that gives me that feeling
  3. Hello everyone I've been in Second Life for almost 2 years and I have enjoyed the experience however I always had problems with lag so I have never enjoyed second life at 100% I've always had problems with lag so I want to find a viewer to help me improve these problems I have already tried many viewers but none has helped me This is my PC requirements Intel Celeron 2.60 ghz 4.00 GB Windows 7 32 bits I hope someone helps me and thanks
  4. Gracias por las respuestas los probare para ver que tal Saludos
  5. Hola a todos bueno tengo una duda respecto a los visores de Second Life y espero que alguien me responda He estado mas de un año en Second Life y me quede maravillado del mundo pero lamentablemente cuando estoy mucho tiempo en Second Life el visor se me cierra solo y a la vez me entra un lag terrible por lo que quiero preguntar que visor es el mas adecuado para mi? El único visor que me ha dado menos lag es el UKanDo pero como en los otros visores llega un tiempo en que el visor se me cierra solo y me sale una ventana de que el programa ha dejado de funcionar Espero que alguie
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