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  1. Is it possible to give L$ to someone who is not currently online? If its possible, how?
  2. Sure! Tell me when you have time. I'm in china so......
  3. I am a newbie, but I can do any model/dancing work if the scripts are provided. I can also be a teacher or principal, as long as i'm not teaching about SL. My voice thingy doesn't work...... any other job is ok, but i might not be very experienced
  4. I can't use voice stuff at all on SL somehow...
  5. Anyone has an open job? I'm a newbie, but I can do model work ( If you provide the posing scripts ). I can also be a teacher, as long as I'm not teaching about SL. I think I can be a dancer, but I need scripts. Anything else is fine, but I might not be very experienced. I will also accept any payment amount as long as it's reasonable.
  6. wait...so you can't sell if you don't buy? So what if I buy tons of L$ and then just sell it?
  7. PPS: (to Pamela Galli) from what I hear, you make great furniture&housing stuff. How much does it cost?
  8. wow...I never knew that L$ was so cheap. PS: what sell limit? (i'm a newbie)
  9. I have L$ 30 so far......I don't plan on buying any L$, but I want to sell them. How many more L$ do I need? Oh! and about how many USD do I have?
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