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  1. I was skeptical that it would be possible, but figured I would ask people more knowledgeable about SL. I had not considered the threat of greifers, thank you for that. We have both built up large inventories in both private and public categories and really don't want to re-buy either. We will likely just accept the limitations and keep our play as is. Thank you very much.
  2. My girlfriend and I have been on and off SL for years but haven't really worked to become experts on it. We have been enjoying roleplay and specifically dollification play in private. She'd like to take things a bit more public with some timed public access RLV, but we both have public lives in SL that we want to keep separate. Is there any way to have anonymity when in "Doll mode" so that nobody can see my profile name or recognize me when not in "Doll mode"?
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