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  1. Do you think hating on what people like is stupid? The prohibition on liking things is over, come here and indulge in your inner undertale / fnaf / homestuck / anime / steven universe / mlp / sonic / furry / ect. Cringe culture is dead. Meet new people. Make new friends. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shadow Creek/163/92/4003
  2. https://i.gyazo.com/8df08c6717ca62a1c521a74ff432f821.mp4
  3. I don't think I have seen you around. I got your im and replied but you were offline. Right now I'm online in the afternoons SL time so I think we might always miss each other. MOre than happy to meet you in world and hang out.
  4. I have been to the Timber wilds rp area a few time but just unsure about it. the only rpers I have seen and really spoken to from there were just a not my kind of person and seemed to have a lot of drama. I'm not too sure I want to just dive in feral rp without any guide there. I do hang out at the sandbox there most of the time I'm on right now.
  5. My partner and I are looking to learn more about feral rp in SL. If you can be of any help please reply here! We are open at this time to most kinds of rp. Being urban or fantasy. We are interested in joining a rp pack or clan. We do not wish to have sexual rp in anyway,
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