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  1. I have not located a way to join a Tameless group, but I did visit the mainstore inworld. There I did see a demo for an avatar, I'm not sure how long that will be available. The store is heavy on hair, some clothes. Many scenarios and poses. I saw no shoes, no HUDs or alphas. No way to join a group or contact Nita. Hmmmm.
  2. I've sent notecard and IM to Nita, no response yet. My Tameless Mesh Body Alpha HUD has one page, has body only, no head, no hands, no feet showing. There is a button for Load Alpha and one for Save Alpha. Clicking these give a "HUD not implemented" message. i will try locating the Tameless group. Thank you for your input!
  3. I have no HUD for the feet, nor inclusion for feet in the HUD for the body.
  4. I am trying to use the Tameless Complete Mesh Ilyrana Avatar. The feet are Tameless Mesh Feet. I cannot make any shoes work, the feet are hanging off the back, coming out the bottom, or sliding off the side of shoes. Even the 10 pair of shoes that came with the avatar do not work. Those shoes came with two different shoe bases and the shoes, no shoe alpha. Separately obtained Tameless shoes that came with a shoe base and a shoe alpha do not work either. Suggestions?
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