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  1. Thank you @Klytyna!!! This find was a real good one for my shoe dilemma... Helped me open up more heels for me thanks to one of their products!!! Thank you @AnnistynSL, not quite what I was looking for as they're all for the Kemono body types but I'm looking for stuff that work for an Avatar 2.0 body. These help for my secondary avatar but not my main one! I've seen a bunch of these before from their original shops, but I appreciate you trying to help!
  2. I love the Utilizator Avatar 2.0 bodies and I had a M3 Venus head attatched to mine to really top off my looks but I've noticed I can't find a nice variety of clothes/shoes on the surface with good quality for the avatar. I noticed that kemono bodies and other small frame are more of a community favourite than the 2.0. So aside from the same old that comes up in the marketplace, I wanna know any other stores that others like? Or singular products you'd reccommend? Vendors I know of and have plenty from already is UTILIZATOR, the creator, and Krankhaus. A few others here and there as well
  3. One out of all the texture HUDs I tried did respond to one of my clicks but it never did ever again. OMG! It worked! It was on the other side the whole time... I don't understand though how it could have happened? When I rezzed it on the ground, it was facing me and it was operational. When I rez it on my HUD it was just turned around?? Interesting.... So weird because even HUDs that previously worked before from this maker were turned around even though they usually attached properly... Thank you both for your help though!! Really appreciate it.
  4. So I'm trying it just edit my avatar like I do regularly, and I use a lot of Krankhaus' products. I never had an issue with their customization HUDs before, but now when I try to attach it, they appear completely white. I can't pinpoint the problem since every other HUD I have is working normally. It i happening only when I try to bring up a HUD from Krankhaus. I'm not really sure how to approach this problem. I already tried: - Restarting the viewer - Using a different viewer - Checking any possible color changes made in the edit (but it it's locked so I wouldn't have been able to
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