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  1. Oh.. one last question. I remeber having the option of playing the game for free or paying. I opted for free. What are the perks, and should I be looking into playing the paid version?
  2. How much would you usually charge a customer? What is too high or too low (If someone where to offer for lets say an hour of my time..) ? I am still very new. I'm not 1000 sure what mesh is.. is it like layers? I recently bought new nipples that I had to apply to my skin.. that it? Btw.. thanks for taking the time to help me
  3. I'm really not sure. I've had players offer me ld's for just text.. I'm not sure what's in demand and what's worth persuing. I'm not really into voice/cam stuff. I've found myself in situation where I enjoyed encounters with ppl but in the long run I feel like this is where I should be making money. I'm not online very often.. but would eventually like to reward from such encounters.
  4. Hi there! Noobie here in Sl and very interested in speaking with a "been there done that" adult entertainer. Im a very sexual (yet fairly private) person.. but interested in escorting and need advicw from a friendly fellow sl member
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