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  1. So youre an creator? If right, can u tell me more detail about making item in SL, bcz i dont know how item SL work even importing/export the mesh in game haha. Can we talking at FB or something
  2. ah, yeah, thank you. I know how to modeling clothes because i was make alot clothes mesh before. but im newbie in SL so i want to know what is common 3d program in SL then i can make a clothes mesh conformable, similar to other creations. And i just started SL so i still dont know how to adding my own mesh to SL, i still need to find ut more about this hahaha ^^ Thank you so much <3
  3. Hi, I got a plan to open a clothes shop and like the title i was said. Can you guys let me know what is the common 3d program to making clothes in SL? The program that most clothing creator using it. Thank you guys so much
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