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  1. Yeah, looks like you were able to reproduce the problem. What viewer are you using? I couldn't quite read what you were circling in the top right corner of your gif, but I suspect it was just the URL of the phone as it was loading. 

    Hopefully you will have better luck than I am figuring out the issue.

    I am going to look at the LSL logs to see if any clients/viewers have 'broken' anything recently. I now suspect that the problem actually lies with the 'changed media' event and not with the 'llLinkMessage() function.

  2. Yes, I think that sums it up. The prim that hosts the website (any of the 'apps') doesn't position itself, expand (if needed), or display the page in question.

    What you should be seeing is the general smart phone interface. When you click an icon to open an 'app' the screen should go dark and display a large version of the icon clicked while the system loads the app. From here, the prim will both lift to highest point (closest to the user), adjust its size to fit (if needed), and then set the appropriate URL as the media on the exposed prim face - i.e. there will likely be a white screen followed by the webpage loading. Sometimes the user has to double click the large icon to get things to show - this seems to be a setting that some clients have where users must click the prim face before media loads.

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  3. They are able to see the content on other prims and the game's browser.

    Part of the command that is triggered is the prim that the media would be displayed on has to change its 'z-index'. (I can't recall if this is actually 'z' in the prim's position.) This would move the target prim to the foremost layer of the linkset, obscuring the 'lower' prims and removing their media settings. This prim movement does not occur and the other prim's do not lose their media settings (i.e. the URL that they show is not removed and the prim face is not returned to a simple white texture.)

  4. Hi guys,

    I build a simple HUD that allows the user to open specific webpages to a surface area (prim face). The HUD works fine on my viewer and everyone else's viewer except for one person... In the process of troubleshooting the problem I logged onto their account from my computer (same client, same version) and was able to use the HUD with no problems. This lead me to conclude that it has to be one of the user's settings.

    Further testing showed that all of the buttons seem to be working fine, they know they are being clicked and they fire commands. The problem seems to be with llLinkMessage() not reaching the appropriate link, or not sending the message at all. Again, the scripts work for everyone else, so I don't think the scripts are the problem.

    My question is: 'Is there a client setting that would prevent scripts in a linkset from communicating without also prevent scripts from running entirely?' 

  5. Made a HUD that is nothing more than a prim with shared media that loads Pandora. From time to time the input fields (login, search, etc.) allow the user to place the cursor in the field but do not accept characters from the keyboard. 

    My questions are: "Has any else encountered this and is there a known cause or solution?" It only happens about 1 in 10 times (if that) and I have been chalking it up to just one of those strange SL things.

    I have never encountered it when I use the HUD (or any other shared media) so I can't troubleshoot it myself. So far those that encounter it have tried detaching/reattaching it - that doesn't fix it, but teleporting seems to. I am guessing that llClearMedia() would fix it, but that hasn't been tested. 

  6. Hey guys,

    I was at a sim that has several prims with media (movies, slideshows, etc.). As I walked through the sim the prims stopped showing media and the media on my HUDs stopped displaying. I was wondering if there is a cap on the number of prims that can show media at the same time. I am assuming that the number is 'per user' and not 'per sim' as others near me could still see media on prims that were blank for me. Does anyone know what the cap is? Is it a flat number of prims or is it tied to memory? Anyone know?

  7. Thanks guys.

    The problem does seem to be because prim's are treated as 'embedded browsers'. This explains both the login issues and some other issues stemming from certain event handlers (window.onload and the like - anything that waits for the document/window to load as opposed to an element).

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  8. I have a website that uses Google's authentication API to allow users to login with their Google account. I want to be able to login to the website from within SL using media on a prim. The rest of the media (the website) loads fine, but when I click Google's sign in button it fails to open Google's sign in page. From a normal browser (outside of SL) Google's sign in button opens a popup - could this be the issue or does SL block such connections? 

  9. I am using llMoveToTarget to make my avatar move from point to point. Unfortunately, when my avatar moves to the location he does not turn to face the location - he continues to face the same direction regardless of where he moves to. The script that triggers the movement is on the avatar's HUD.

    I have tried several functions (llLookAt and rotation functions) but they all rotate the button and not the avatar. Is there a function that I have overlooked? 

  10. I was reading through llGiveInventiry and came across this statement: 

    As of 31th January 2012, llGiveInventory now has similar throttle to instant messages. A throttle of 5k per hour per owner per region; with a maximum burst of 2.5k. This throttle only affects gives to agents, not to non-agents.

    I have two questions?

    1.  With a 2.0 second sleep on the script how can one even reach this limit? I am assuming multiple scripts giving inventory, but wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something about the sleep period.

    2.  Does that mean that I could hop over to another Sim (presumably as many as I want) and start giving out inventory under a completely new count? 

  11. I seem to recall reading that objects have two IDs: asset ID and an instance ID. It was my impression that the asset ID is fixed and never changes while the instance ID exists only while the object is rezzed (place in world, worn on character as gear or attached as a HUD). Is this accurate? Is the asset ID permanent? Can the asset's ID be used to identify the object when it is rezzed or is only the instance ID valid at that time? 

  12. I have been tinkering with putting HTML on a prim's face. I was wondering if there is a way to make 'links' that would affect the game itself -  as if the link triggered a 'touch_start' or 'listen' event.

    In-case it is unclear what I mean by putting HTML on a prim, here is a sample from the WIKI. ((The below script places "HTML stuff here!" on a face of a prim.))

    string htmlstuff = "HTML";
    string moreHTML = " stuff here!";
    string usedHTML;
            usedHTML = htmlstuff + moreHTML;
        http_request(key id, string method, string body)
            if (method == URL_REQUEST_GRANTED)
                llSay(0,"URL: " + body);
            else if (method == "GET")


  13. Hi Guys,

    I am testing this script and I am getting the error "llSetPrimitiveParams error running rule #1: non-integer rule." The script seems to do what is expected, changing parameters, but still throws the error.

    Any thoughts on what is causing this?


    For those not testing the script in game, the value for 'DataList' is:


    [PRIM_DESC,"Description Here",
    PRIM_TYPE,0,0,<0.000000, 1.000000, 0.000000>,0.000000,<0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000>,<0.750000, 0.750000, 0.000000>,<0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000>,
      PRIM_MATERIAL,3,PRIM_SIZE,<0.200000, 0.100000, 0.070000>,
      PRIM_TEXTURE,ALL_SIDES,"991641_11601655",<1.000000, 1.000000, 0.000000>,<0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000>,0.000000,
      PRIM_TEXT,"TEXT HERE",<0,0,1>,1.000000,
      PRIM_COLOR,ALL_SIDES,<1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000>,1.000000,


    string URL ="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fNHznLmXLj0IiB5zWaOWJe5cEcripf9Uo935lAgq9w4/pub?gid=90308717&single=true&output=csv";
    key httpkey;
    list DataList;
    integer CellCount;
    integer RowCount;
    integer ColumnCount;
    list params;
        {   httpkey=llHTTPRequest(URL, [] ,"");} 
        http_response(key id, integer status, list meta, string body)
            DataList = llParseString2List(body, ["\"","\n"], [] );


  14. I am learning how to use 'llListen' and I am seeing places where I may want the 'listen' to only be available for a short time. For example: I have an object that when TOUCHED with set a 'llListen'. I want that listen to only listen for about 10 seconds and then stop listening, regardless of whether it hears anything or not. I still want the listen to work if it does hear anything, but it if doesn't I want to reset the script.  What am I missing? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  15. I just starting to learn LSL. I have started with something that I thought would be simple: I have created a 'well' from which to draw water (a 'well' prim with with 'water' prims inside of it) and 'bucket' with which to draw the water. The well, water, and the bucket are 'no-modify' and 'no-copy'. When players click on the well they can draw the water prims into their inventory directly - that works fine. But when the player attempts to use the bucket, the water prim does not transfer to bucket's inventory. The error message provided is: 


    Unable to give inventory: 'Blocked by permissions'.

    The bucket has 'llAllowInventoryDrop(TRUE) working correctly - the player can deposit the water into the bucket by dragging and dropping the water prim to the bucket. The script works fine when I hold the bucket and touch the well i.e. the water prim will move from the well to the bucket, but since I am the creator of both there are no permissions to deal with...

    So my question is: Is there a way to get around the permissions so that players can use the bucket to collect and hold the water without having to collect the water to player inventory and then drop it into the bucket?

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