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  1. i can't say that i feel any "antiman" feeling at all in the search. not even sure what that would look like. especially not sure what your thoughts about the anti white man are about. i'm guessing you would come across the BBC stuff if you searched for it. personally i don't search for it and don't come across it so not sure what else you find as 'anti white man'. perhaps you can tell us more about why you feel the search is anti man or anti white man. perhaps you can tell us what you are using for search keywords to come across the anti man and anti white man sims.
  2. to be honest, i prefer it when people type "you must be mesh to contact me" in their profile. it's the same to me as "i hate drama". it makes it SO much easier for me to avoid these people. i generally find the same type of people to be the ones in SL that keep complaining about people not being reliable and lying to them. honestly, i read profiles before messaging people because sometimes there are subtle clues that you may not mesh with that person. i honestly don't care if someone is mesh/non-mesh. i don't care if someone is in freebies or in expensive clothes. the only thing i care about is the personality of the person. if someone has nothing but negativity in their profile, it would generally be a miracle for that person to be positive when they talk to you normally. do i find people that only talk to others that are mesh shallow, of course i do. do i think it's racist, no. it think it's more of a caste system they have cut out in SL for themselves to make themselves feel better or superior to others. whatever, it's their SL, i do not need to associate with them. they can live their SL however they want. it's good in one way if we can confine most of these people to a certain part of SL where i never need to run into them oh well. i can dream
  3. ok, let me put this simply. ANY 'Master' or 'Dom' that does not understand you have obligations and a life and is trying to distance you from everything would most likely be one step away from abusing you. isolating someone is one of the things that bad 'masters' do to maintain control. your submission to him is a GIFT. if he can't understand that, he does not deserve you. a Dom/Sub and a Master/Slave have an EQUAL relationship. one does not exist without the other. he is welcome to be a master but he will be the master of nothing if YOU are not there. read the key words above in red. ANYONE that says that is usually a horrible master/dom that knows zilch. honestly not sure how come you are still in a relationship with someone who is actually abusing you emotionally. it's classic signs of emotional abuse. as a Dom, it's hard for me to read the above without gagging. what use is a Master/Dom that is not even listening to you. are you getting ANYTHING out of this relationship at all apart from pain and suffering? if you are having to deal with this all the time, why are you even in it? if he can't understand the difference between GOR and bdsm, then he shouldn't be calling himself a master of anything. honestly, anyone that does not understand that you had obligations BEFORE you began with him, and now thinks you should only belong to him and wait on him hand and foot is an ass. seriously get yourself someone who knows what a Dom/Sub relationship is. it's insane you would let yourself be treated like this. it's a partnership. it can be rough at times and painful but even that is done with your NEEDS in mind. the needs of BOTH sides. did you have a contract set up with this person when you started or any rules about how much time you would be spending together? if not, then it's about time you sat HIM down and set out YOUR rules. as in, how much time you need to spend on YOUR second life with other people. if he wants a SLAVE he should have got one. And he should have said to the slave at the beginning they would be tied to his hip at all times. he should not be getting a sub and then changing rules on them or making rules whenever they feel like it. seriously. if you want to keep your mental state from being worst, ditch him and get an actual Dom who understands boundaries and listens to you. there are a number of great Doms out there that will treat you much better and who will treat your submission like the gift it is.
  4. perhaps they died out from too many hugs? too many Huggles?
  5. no linda no! you need an enemy. enemies don't group up to be large cats. as an enemy, i'll take care of myself so that i never am a health risk to you. i'll only be a risk to your emotional health. not your physical health. kittens group to be fat cats. so get an enemy instead. *inserts visual of linda carrying the 'kitten' in 2 years from now*
  6. *Iooks high and low for his fan(s). seeing the empty horizon, he sadly goes back to his little plot* * wonders how much he'll have to pay in lindens to get his own fan club. maybe there are escorts that will be 'followers'. wonders if that would be creepy to pay them to dress up and just follow him instead of doing naughty things*
  7. i personally love it when the fans post....it makes is SO much easier for me to go and pre-block people so i don't end up talking to them by mistake in SL. that way i can save time and energy. nothing worst than spending hours becoming friends with someone and then having them say a pro/for comment that makes me gag. this way, it's easier think of it as a social service LOL
  8. thank you so much for the repost. it was a great read. i had to do it with 5 breaks, and highlighting the area i was going to read at a time. my eyes really do hurt now but not as much as my heart since i wasted a part of my life that i will never get back. wow, i've read things written by my 6 yr old that were less egotistical and whiny. the sense of entitlement runs strong in the OP. at least i know the name of 2 clubs i should avoid in SL. for someone that says he has a lot of EXP in SL, he really doesn't seem to understand that only a small portion of Sl'rs go to clubs. i suppose if all you do is club, then it would seem to you like everyone is doing it. i'm sure there are at least 4 people on SL that care about his rant but i am not one of them. honestly, this reads like it was written by some high school kid. i wonder if i can sue the OP to get the minutes of my life that i wasted back? i suppose that is probably the threat that made OP delete their post and paste the new and improved "i'm going to whine since you all mocked my post for not using basic English skills". thank you so much Tari for reposting. i really do hate missing out the fun long tirades that people post expecting sympathy. every time i see one of these posts start, i usually have the music from Jaws playing in my head....as i start to see the forum folks start to circle once they smell the blood in the water.
  9. wow, i thought he'd last at LEAST a few more hours before returning to post. thank god we didn't take bets. i'm wondering if we should take bets on how long before he comes back to post a 'final good bye' or a 'i swear this is the last bye'.
  10. *takes out his Magnify tool to try to find the carrot. for some reason, he can only find a banana. wonders if it's hiding behind all the meat* Don't worry Rhonda, i believe you *his head shaking from side to side*
  11. you definitely got the Juicy part right.....as for the good for us bit......um.....*looks at the heart attack waiting to happen in the bowl* ahhh....um.....looks delicious???? *cough* i mean...looks delicious!
  12. *his fingers start to twitch as he REALLY wants to put in what she had wrote but realizes he should respect her wishes to keep it out of the forum* "darn it. i really wish i didn't have ethics and respect for others some times. these awful things make me do silly things like 'respect other people's wishes'. i blame my mother for them. " *sigh* don't worry Little Jewell, it's SL forums...only 5 more minutes till someone posts something juicy and good for us to laugh at.
  13. no, none of that would be catfishing. it simply means that one person wanted more out of the relationship than the other was willing to provide. there are no guilty parties and no harm, it's simply that they are at different places in the relationship and one wants more than the other. this happens often. it's not malicious at all. one person falls deeply for the other. the other may have RL circumstances that do not allow the relationship to go further. very normal and not catfishing.
  14. when it comes to catfishing, what matters is the INTENT. if the person has no intention of moving it to a RL relationship and has no intention of being curel or trolling, then it's simply a SL relationship and not catfishing. catfishing means someone has an intent to do harm or to try to get information out of another person. so in this case, it would not be catfishing. just a normal relationship in which the person is being up front and saying what they need. having said that, it COULD turn into catfishing later if the person changes their mind and starts to try to get RL info or do harm. so always best to use caution.
  15. should have left your comment in. it was funny. i was REALLY hoping to see the fun train wreck it was going to cause. oh well. i suppose i have go do some troll hunting now to make up for it. but thank you for the laugh
  16. HI lindal, i would like to apply for the position of your new Frenemy. i am normally a nice person (unless burning trolls in forums). Lately though, i've realized in life i need to be a little bit more selfish and evil. so i think it would be good practice for me and you can get an enemy out of it. win/win. i envision a sort of friends with benefits kind of relationship. not in the sexual way but more of a "i build you up and then tear you down like only a friend truly can". i can commit to raining on every one of your happy days. i can make sure that every one of my compliments comes with a "but..." and something sarcastic or evil to finish that sentence to truly make you feel bad about yourself. i'll even say things so evil they will make internet trolls blush. now, if you need someone who is not as insidious and just need plain mean i suppose i COULD try to work up towards that. it's the opposite of what i am like in RL but i can do the RP if it makes you feel good. as long as it's RP, i'm more than willing to work with you to see what kind of a 'ROLE' you need me to play. i' love creative writing so it would be great to have someone to play with. let me know if you still need a enemy
  17. *cough* keep that stuff away from a black light. just saying... i wonder if i can have the things he never used....like respect ..and dignity. i bet they are still unused and in their original boxes.
  18. um, i'm wondering who is going to break the news to rick as to how many of those '300 girls' were not actually girls. i wonder if he will still be as proud once he finds out how many of them were men. *wonders if Rick will be able to handle the truth. also wonders if he should give RIck the visual of the 'girls' he is so happy to have 'done'. here is some visuals, JUST for you RIck.
  19. i think we are starting to see these daily, just in different parts of the forum. it's always sad that only trolls seem to have this much time on their hands to post useless stuff. i would be amazed if one day we only say useful posts asking for proper help or advice. i would probably have a heart attack. good thing is that at least on most days i see some really good posts from new forum members so at least it gives me hope . *puts out his torch*
  20. normally i love trolls like everyone else on these forums but this trolls deserves our respect and a response *lights his torch*......where to begin. Mr troll, read the highlighted in red above. it points to all the areas where you point yourself out to be a useless human that loves drama and completely unworthy of anything resembling any kind of respect. you are a useless waste of resources and i can't believe all those 1's and 0's that have had to sacrificed to post your dribble on the internet. ANY person that goes on and on about 'whores' is either a 12 yr old kid or someone who stopped growing up at 12 and is now currently living in mommy's basement. (in your case was living in grandpa's basement i bet...before it closed). hopefully you get some STI and have a horrible rash. we do realize you are a troll as you seem to love drama and are trying to stir up more. the fact you thought it was 'hot' to be living like you did in your fantasy (i'm pretty sure you made up all of the above as it really does read like the trashy fiction some subhuman would have thought up ). but at least we can clearly see that even in your not so hot fantasy, you still can't satisfy a woman (much as your RL i bet). the fact you thought the above was hot in any way is an indication of just how pathetic you are. you really should grow up and/or at least change your underwear so you can go out into the real world and maybe pretend at having a Real life. honestly the entire thing you posted is a waste of anyone's time to take seriously. the fact that they allow junk like this to get posted in the SL official forums is amazing. i have no doubt this thread will get closed for being useless and not adding anything to the community at all. ps, hope you get run over by a SL dump truck as you are complete useless and a waste of 1's and 0's. pps...we love everyone equally on the forums and hope you have a speedy recovery from being butthurt from all the comments you ABSOLUTELY DESERVE hating you. with love, the SL community. Namaste
  21. why, why must kittens always be harmed. i don't understand the hate on for kittens..they are so cute and..........oh..ok..got it. yup. makes sense now. continue on.
  22. assault ...and battery indecent exposure (or decent in some cases) driving/flying/sailing without a license destruction of property (why do they make it so easy to delete ...houses...ugh) lewd acts in public unnatural sex (the horns and the red skin may have been the first clue but i may have overlooked them in my rush to um...get pixelated) teaching without a license child endangerment (i let a small one try out hang gliding. seemed ok at the time but they should have had a helmet) kidnapping, rape, confinement ...um...list is too long. darn RP sims. always making you do things you DON'T want to do (<.< >,>) telling jokes while not being funny (VERY guilty) wearing mismatched clothes while out in public (WHAT do you mean that orange tshirts don't go with green cargo pants) MANY fashion crimes. oh god, the horror attempting to SEXT (in IM) and failing miserably lol (may be a crime against some womans need to get off) oh wow, this list is long. i need to stop now. My latest victim is trying to chew throw her ropes again. bye!
  23. ROFLMAO i actually got A/S/L'd one day from someone in SL. i was shocked and amused at the same time. i didn't even need to ask their age as i already know at least how young they were ROFL.
  24. i love simple questions that can be answered easily. should someone be asking for your password = NO there is NO valid reason someone needs your password unless you are doing something like trying to get them to fix your mesh head etc. in that case YOU take full responsibility for what happens and can't complain as LL has the logs to check that you gave them the password. second point of this, is that NO ONE needs your password for anything. should a Lindon Labs 'personnel' ask for your password = NO (they can access ANYTHING on your account without it. NO company needs your password to work on their own servers/services) so in summary. NO to any password requests. if someone asks a second time, block them. see, easy
  25. HI Pippi, your hard drive from your old desktop should still be functional. you could always try to put it into something like one of the devices below https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075WDRSLZ/ref=s9_acsd_topr_hd_bw_bAqpP1_c_x_w?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-4&pf_rd_r=ZM4KDABD3K4ES09ES9GG&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=114a7679-8c11-50c9-8bdc-cf1401ec2585&pf_rd_i=160354011 this is for a 3.5 inch drive which is what most desktops back in 08 would have had. you may need to open your desktop to find the size of your drive. so you can put it into this enclosure to boot from the drive via USB if your laptop allows it. that would allow you to boot from that hard drive and recover all your data. otherwise what you could do is to connect that drive into a friends computer and use that drive to boot. then launch the firefox viewer from that drive and get all your passwords that are saved in firefox by doing the following For example in Firefox go to Options > Security > Saved Passwords that should list all your saved passwords. so multiple ways to do this. you can also just grab a VERY cheap old desktop that is being recycled by someone or for $20 on kijiji or craigslist and use that to boot your drive so you can recover all your data and your photos. just some thoughts. let us know if any of these work for you.
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