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  1. Hi Whirly, yes indeed the roll back seems to have fixed the problem thank you
  2. Thank you Whirly and Tari for your response. As I said before this has affected ALL my gestures old and new. It seems to have happened right after the latest Firestorm Update. so in answer to Tari "C" does not apply . In response to Whirly, I understand how the drop menu works, what I don't know is the original sound file suppose to be listed ( mind you I didn't make the above Gesture in screenshot ). im going to undo the FS update and see if that changes anything . again thank you both
  3. ok thank you both for responding upon checking closer i can hear the sound but extremely low i located sound effects in preferences and its check and 100% vol level and most my gestures are not offensive so idt maturity level would affect that but ill look anyway thanks again
  4. ok im sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this, But Yesterday ALL the sounds related to my gestures (either Bought or Collected) in my 2yrs here have suddenly disappeared. That is to say the gestures themselves are ok just all related audio does anyone have an idea why this would happen? Gestures that I made are fine and audio file still intact . any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. xDJTechx

    Head Attachment

    Hi Im sorry if this has been posted elsewhere I tried to find but I have a couple of questions in reference to uploaded Mesh. 1. after uploading a mesh - is it possible to re-edited if it does something not intended? or do I need to keep dishing out upload fees? 2. After numerous attempts at a over the head ( Think Like deadmau5 ) accessory everything looks great in Blender, rigged fine. But a number of vertex go nuts im assuming they're not weighted? is there a way to see this without Numerous trial and errors ? Im pretty good im 3ds but new to Blender The Texture is just for illustration
  6. Thank You Chic Aeon . it turns out there were 2. one owned by me and apparently owner took ownership of one. ty all again
  7. Hi ,I recently was invited to a friends Land to make it my Home spot. in the past week or so I was Gifted a product called egg pooper by a different friend. I rez'ed it on home land and now the darnn thing will not go away I have deleted it ,picked it up, deleted from inventory, and it keeps coming back. Now the owner of land has sent me a message to get rid of it . am I doing something wrong? I don't want to get Banned from My Friends Land (land Owner) Thanks
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