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  1. Hi. I had an idea for something, but it would require a bit of work on LL's end to make it happen. Region portals. In plain terms, this is simply a region crossing that will send you directly to another continent. There are no giant ocean-bridges to worry about, and no land to move. In my "expertly-crafted" examples, here's what I mean: This is the coast of Satori. We need to get to Heterocera. So, we have a portal right over here marked by this purple arrow. You simply sail or fly through this normal region crossing and you're there! This could be done in a lot of locations to allow access. PROS: - No need to move land - Faster than a water bridge (doesn't use up any regions either) - Works like a normal region crossing CONS: - LL would have to actually program this into the game and I have no clue how difficult something like this is to do on a technical scale. And that's pretty much my proposal.
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