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  1. Thank you to you all who helped me. I received another giftcard from the store owner and now the card seems to be working perfectly fine.
  2. I sent another notecard to the owner, hoping for a reply.
  3. It's been 2 days now since i contacted the owner, no response. I just want to make sure whether its the giftcard thats not working or its something with my system. :c
  4. I guess this is the right person i should contact, but on the profile this is what it says : http://prntscr.com/f09ns4 should I still contact ? Confused :c
  5. I am actually a newbie, I wasn't sure about whom I should contact. Also, I did send a Notecard to the store owner but haven't heard from her yet. Should I contact Casper as well ? What's Casper's Username ?
  6. I recently received a CasperVend Giftcard for an inworld SL store, I did go to the store to buy some products, but when i tried using the giftcard to make purchases the giftcard doesn't seem to be working. Any help please? Here is the screenshot : http://prnt.sc/ezkx3d When i click on Buy > Giftcard, I dont see any "buy now" button option on the giftcard.
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