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  1. When I try to open Marketplace listings in my firestorm viewer it is still giving an error "An error occurred while opening Marketplace Listings...." yep...seems there are still some issues.
  2. May 11th, 2020 Still happening... I don't know which of the possible answers are correct, but where I am now has had to do multiple restarts. I do have temp rez objects. and I have done a lot of terraforming and parcel dividing trying to get my land setup the way I want...2 new neighbors have also moved in around this time...It may be because we are all 'setting up'...terraforming and rezzing a lot of items and many of them scripted...Like I said I don't know, but this is what has occured for me. I now have to message the landlord for a restart the 2nd time in a week ugh...Also, like others mentioned My mesh body and attachments all detached to nothing but my dot and name showing. The other day when this happened a restart did fix it, but just a couple days later and it needs it yet again sigh...
  3. Transactions on secondlife account history shows what is said. Copy Paste into the report? Better yet screenshot it and attach to the report. Maybe they will ban with such repetitive harassment. In my state harassment occurs legally after 3 times harassing a person or a clear picture that the reoccurring thing is indeed intended to harass. Also, if enough people asked LL maybe they could stop the feature to add a personal message and input a drop down menu of basic things ie; Gift, payment, refund, donation,rent,tip...
  4. OMG I have had the same issue only mine has been multiple times a week and sometimes a day. Is it possible we are all on the same server and they arent fixing that server? Oh and just lost over 100k worth of breedables in a storage bin I was filling up when it crashed. they were unable to roll it back correctly. It was rolled to after the crash...smh Honestly its getting to be more stressful than enjoyable lately. Now Im afraid to rez no copy items. AND Just had an issue with a purchase where it took me to -1 $L Status says they are working on it, but now I cant even log in either. Such crap.
  5. Most of them are using the sculpted option in blender. I did try a basic prim just as a test doing the spin on it to see if I could uv a simpler map. I understand the basic concept of the unwrapping...and I have decimated the sculpted mesh to the least vertices/faces I could without losing too much of the shape. I understand how a square uv fits on to the square. I have created my own maps in the past using a very looooong color grid process on other sculpted things, but was trying to uv so it wasn't so time consuming to put the texture to them. I am going to try starting over and just do a square as you suggested and go from there. i don't mind spending a few lindens in mesh uploads to finally get there πŸ™‚ I'm open to learning. Even if it takes me a long time. πŸ™‚ I appreciate any help I can get. I am still learning the lingo...Maybe sculpties is the word?
  6. So I should have mentioned that it is sculpted mesh so its not a basic primitive that its drawing the uv mapping from. Is there a different way for sculpted mesh or is it the same? I've tried several sculpted meshes and the UV maps don't match up on any of them. I'm wondering if somehow I am missing a step in the unwrapping process...
  7. Thanks did this twice and walla! got a 2 story traditional...though I'm waiting on a houseboat...I'll give this a test for now πŸ™‚ cute place I can see houseboats just a lil ways away...gahhh lol
  8. LL stopped me from refreshing after 10 refreshes...pffft
  9. I shop mainly on MP myself, but admittedly prefer a link to see the item in world...or demo for clothing. I learned the hard way when I joined that not everything that looks good fits my body...and not everything that is for my body will fit good πŸ™‚
  10. I wonder if it has anything to do with the recent fee changes. Cost to BUY increased. Cost for Premium membership was increased quite a bit. I never use my linden home...not really sure where the benefits really lie...a few extra groups? laughs. Does anyone even go to premium only lands? We tried that. It was very...desolate. Increased message caps, but mine are always capped either way so that didn't seem to help. Then again maybe its an offset that LL put in place because of the costs to them to create/provide the Sunshine Project. shrugs...who knows...though I'm curious how well that is working out. As for MP. I feel like its a number of things that would cause the sales to fluctuate. Lets just say the item is of decent quality and a desirable item. Many people who use MP do not know a lot about what it offers or how to use it in a way that will bring users to their item. Many users do not take the time to complete key factors. (I have been guilty of this myself) though I have learned a lot over the past year by clicking the available links in my MP account and find quite a a few things useful. Its cheaper to sell on MP than rent a place in world so, I have no idea why people opt for in-world sales. Maybe larger chains do better in-world, but there is a lot of sellers that aren't large businesses. Either way you look at it the money is at some point spent and eventually cashed out. Which LL makes money on. UNLESS there are users selling privately that are causing a large offset. Thats my 2 cents and bag of rocks... ~Tali~
  11. Most places if you cant find the group you can find through clicking the black area at the top of your screen (at least in firestorm you can) and it gives you the 'about' basics of where you are in addition to that you can see the group being used at that land. Most of the time (not always) it is the group to join. Alternatively you can use the search at the top right of the firestorm screen (sorry idk in anything but firestorm) and enter the name of the store to find their group.
  12. KT I did change the script, but the problem remained the same. However I did find from following the links that it had to be attached to the root prim not linked which helped. and now I have another issue with the jelly fish going up and down not working properly even when I followed the same steps....gahhh lol Thanks to you both ~Tali
  13. So I am new to Blender. Just been trying out a few different things from tutorials and such. I've dabbled with Mesh Lab & Skethup 8 a lil too. My problem is I am creating mesh items and uv maps then when I upload the mesh in sl and added the textures to local to test them they don't seem to match up. I tried moving the texture Horizontal & Verticle around and it isn't helping I see one base color in the default Mapping ...tried changing the sl Mapping setting to Planar and I can at least SEE the map I created, but it still isn't fitting and repeats per meter is disabled. I tried texturing a flat plane texture myself using a color grid I created in Paint.net, but that too is not helping. Is there a specific way to do UVs for sl? If so anyone know of a tutorial that is sl based?
  14. lol I often misread my own name . Too funny
  15. So the item I want to attach is a cylinder prim that has a transparent texture to mimic a school of fish. I put in a FP rotate script that I got off MP. I tried attaching it to FP coral display I put together to create the look of fish swimming around the corals. The problem is when I attach my rotating school of fish (by linking the two objects)the corals also start spinning. I don't know how to script, but have been able to edit when clear instructions are provided. I even tried putting a stop script in the corals so they did not start rotating, but that stopped everything. sighs...
  16. There are plenty of freebies out there...My husband went through several before he chose the one he has now. Also mesh avatars like slink have the option in their alpha huds for the appearance of one...though I don't believe it has animations...just for looks.
  17. So, I am newer to building/creating and want to attach an animated object to a static object without the script from the animated object making the static object move. How can I do this? I've search a couple hours now and can't find information that is direct and to the point. Any help appreciated. ~Tali~ β€œThe pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill
  18. So there is a small square floating next to my head and I have no clue what it is can any one help me with this? I was trying on different stuff and changing things around when it happened I tried resetting back to my saved avatar and its still there . I am new and just barely can even put clothes on much less know anything about the way anything works here sigh...please help. Thanks Tali
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