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  1. thank you Galilla, it's nice that at least someone is taking the time to do this. some of the clubs are so bad at this. considering all the wording inside the message is the same it's a wonder that LL doesn't have a script that can scan events the same day to see if the same message and sim address comes up more than once and just flag it for review. it's bad when users are the ones having to flag messages like this considering how old SL is as a platform, the issue is not a new one. so thank you from all of us that find the events listings fairly useless without users trying to
  2. Hello Miss EmmyDammitEverythingIsTaken, I have to say, I LOVE the name, I was thinking of doing something similar when I started less than two weeks ago as all the common names were already taken. I hope things have improved for you since you started and hopefully you are starting to enjoy your SL experience. Sometimes to lose the crazies, it’s good to find a crowd J easy to avoid their gaze. When I started, I was having a bit of a hard time meeting people using the destination guide as everywhere listed was almost always empty. So I did a search and fo
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