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  1. I know that Twitch bans SL streams into Twitch, but, is there any kind of ban that doesn't allow streaming a twitch stream into SL via a media screen?
  2. I have run the multiple viewers before, but, was hoping for a solution that could easily handle ten or more Avis. That why I was wondering if somehow I could use a lighter client than the SL viewer. I will also look through the documentation Rolig. Thanks.
  3. I have gotten back into Second Life after nearly a ten year absence. I am interested in doing Machinima of my music I have recorded and would like to have a number of Non Player Characters that I control with animations like dancing in the videos. I am left somewhat confused about how to go about this after having read some things on the internet about SL:bots, Scripted Agents, etc. Is there a good resource describing in detail how to do this? I need to understand the steps to be able to do this. Something like this: Create an Account Mark the Account as Scripted Agent Start a Client to Control the Scripted Agent Animate the Characters I have logged in with two clients controlling two characters before but that seems like a lot of wasted PC resources since I am only playing my main character. The main questions I have are: Can I run a scripted agent avatar without having a running SL Viewer on my desktop for each NPC I set up? Is there a lightweight client that could launch them instead of the Viewer Do I need to run a client at all? I have read about smartbots and the services, but, since I am just using these NPCs for shooting the videos and not as chat bots or greeters it seems an overkill Also I have a pretty powerful PC and a lot of bandwidth so paying for this type of service seems like just spending money Is there any software I can buy or get for free that will do what I want to do? Thanks for reading this.
  4. Thanks everybody for the comments. In the last 10 years, I have done game development in Unreal Engine (including scripting) and a lot of 3D modelling in 3DS Max and Maya, so, I am quite excited about looking into doing meshes and rigging in Second Life. I owned a couple of dress shops back in the day run by my female alt (Dixie Starr), so, I will also look into doing clothes at least for myself. Also, I plan on doing some "clubbing" to check out the music scene and see if I want to get into that again. Thanks again and I am glad to be back home! A couple of pics from back in the day.
  5. I was an active SL resident for 3 years from 2004 to 2007. I did a lot of things in SL including being active in the art community, playing music, hosting game shows, writing LLScript, doing a lot of building and getting involved in volunteering/charity. So, what has changed? Besides being more than rusty as I went and used the viewer, what should I be looking to do now 10 years later. I see it still lags ..... Just wanted to say "hi again".
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