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  1. I am a para roleplayer and i any species is good for me even tho orc and faes interest me alot i like to be alittle submissive but not to much and i can offer alot devotion and myself that is alot
  2. I am looking for my forever in second life. I tend to find myself blindly going round assuming roles but not really enjoying it. So heres the pitch i want to be somewhere that i feel wanted. I will do any roleplay no limits. I have alot lindens to remaster my avi and someone elses if needed.
  3. Haha have to our own asia aussie brit sim
  4. I have added people to skype sometimes to keep tabs on offline peeps
  5. The world of sl is hard for us brits being out of time with most sims and end up being in empty roleplays and limiting the roles. I am open to all i have a avatar and L$ to make most things work if the right roleplay comes along i can commit time and can make sl come to life for you. I have a warped sense of humour and a heart of gold. Last thing i can do skype or otherthings if needed
  6. Hello my name is hals. I am looking for people to join so i can be a great add to someones group. i currently walk about as a orc/human but just getting abit lonely and want to meet more orcs. I am in europe and usually on between 9am-11am sl time.
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