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  1. Been wanting to try out the new Lelutka heads, and finally got a chance! So nice of them to do this! Yay! Tried getting in today, and oh man was it a hassle.. hopefully it dies down soon!
  2. For me rigged for long hair and unrigged for short hairs, I noticed a lot of the low bun hairstyles I need to rig it myself and adjust it to my liking, but usually with the long hairs I don't have to adjust much to it.
  3. Christmas is probably one of my favourite holidays, but honestly this year my holiday spirit is non-existing.. usually would do a huge big family gathering but with what's going on lol don't think that will happen which is a bummer, but guess I shall settle for something intimate and make the most out of it.
  4. I feel like my routine nowadays is 1. Shop 2. Take Pictures 3. Hang out with my friends.. and that's literally all I do lol and maybe the occasional exploring sims or what not.
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