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  1. The House of Fenrirson is seeking experienced slavers. HoF is an active, well-organized Gorean slave house in the high-traffic city of Svago. The House of Fenrirson prides itself and is known for quality well-trained kajira and kajirus. Not only do we deal in IC/RP Gorean slave trade but also provides specialized training. HoF is a thriving part of the city and role plays with use of the city's hud coin. If you are seeking role play and being fully immersed into the role as Slaver, contact us in world. DISCLAIMER; If you are seeking to use a slave house as your opportunity to have a personal harem, you need not apply. HoF encourages keeping the role play IC and not bleeding over to OOC. We believe that each person has their own quirks, individuality, and that brings character and depth to role play. If you are interested in obtaining more information or checking us out in world, we are located in the city of Svago. In world contact: ashellia resident or viorel daviau
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