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  1. Thanks Phil for your support. I will have a look into the info you provide and seen if any changes
  2. So if that is the case, how can someone push their rating in that list when has a good visit numbers and also a good average time in visits? No one been able to explain to me how this list works and how I can improve our rating there. LL seams not to know the answer since been waiting few weeks now and no reply lol
  3. I been in Sl for few years now and two years ago, me and my partner in crime, we decided to open our own Sim. After all this time, we been noticing that when we do a web search in SL the positions in this list should be based in the traffic numbers to our understanding but, shows that is not the case since, some that had less traffic than our Sim are well above our ranking!? How can this be possible!? Does anyone know the reason and how can we do to improve our position in this list since, the traffic numbers are not working in our favor?
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