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  1. Clearing the cache worked, I logged in.. thanks so much for the help everyone
  2. How do I clear my cache if I can't log in?
  3. Thanks Ayesha, I have tried logging in at various sims.. to no avail. I have contacted LL and filed a ticket, just more frustrating than anything else. It's just hung up on the region capabilities.. but I've encountered strange SL quirks before (ghosted avi) and this too will pass. I wondered if there was something else I could try that I hadn't done yet, hopefully LL get's ahold of me and helps me figure this out.
  4. Ok, so upon login, I can't get past the requesting region capabilities screen.. It goes to 2, 3 then shows an error. It is not a problem with my internet as my other avatar can log in. I've tried logging in at different sims, and still nothing. It has been 1 week - advice anyone? I'm pretty disappointed as this is my main avatar and haven't had this happen before. I've erased firestorm and re-downloaded.. I have no idea where my avatar was last in world - I had a bad crash and haven't been able to log in since. I've also tried logging in from the SL viewer. Any help woul
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