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  1. Join us, while we are making the first steps into the world. Full sim dedicated to having a good time, we have an open club, live DJ's, a special ballroom castle, shopping zones, chill-out islands... and more ! Looking to organize a special event ? Get in tough with us, we can help you with that Feel free to drop in at any time Thank you Landmark Cost: free
  2. Dating in SL is like finding a good parking lot: the good ones are already taken and the free ones you don't want. I have to agree with Ella on this one While trying to communicate with people around SL you get to know some of them. Once you get enough rejection you start to find other ways to enjoy your time in SL, rather that talking to that cute lady sitting all alone on a chair near a fire on a beach. Why ? Well that's easy. A simple hello can be interpreted like I'm a hunk and i want to ride you like a horse on a rodeo day.. due to the simple fact that, other guys did that to her... even
  3. Hello people, I got way back to many weird messages on this one so please consider this thread closed Thank you.
  4. Hello, In the beginning, there was this idea of a perfect couple which only few lucky people do enjoy it, in SL and iRL. I'm new to SL and after a while here, while everything is fun and nice all together .. something was missing. I was not able to put my finger on it, until one night at a beach party i was the only one, dancing with his sister ? How ironic and sad is that ? Right there and then it stroke me.. i'm missing my other half. Oh wait... it's just a game.. well yea... but will be nice to share all of my experience with someone special.. other than my friends and family. Let me t
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