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  1. Second life is just a video game, all games die at some point. When a better virtual world product comes out at some point that creators can make monney in. I bet alot will move on.
  2. Was always curious why tab doesnt let you switch between chat box and movement.
  3. So you lose about 7-8k, because signature has three layers as well. Good to know, gonna see if stray dog can just update their skins for it.
  4. Catwa has finally released their baked-on-mesh update for male avatars. And I was wondering before I finally try baked on mesh. Will this also lower my complexity for my avatar drastically? Compared to the normal onion avatars we use now?
  5. hmm if Linden Labs gonna charge anyway for a name change. Then why does it matter if we're premium or not. I mean just take our money and do the deal.
  6. I'm just saying it would be much harder to be a child avatar, if you couldnt buy any of it on marketplace. Creating a gating situation where not many players will make a child avatar because it is hard to find/obtain. Less violations that way,
  7. Age-play is a great offence to linden lab TOS (Terms of Service) and will get you banned quick. For example, I know quite a few people that were banned and claimed they are IP address banned now from Second Life. With out warning! Meaning any account they create is now banned! I'm sure this has happened to many people they know. However, I'm curious if age-play that big of an issue on second life.Where they're IP banning their player-base/community for violation. Wouldn't it be just better to REMOVE the child avatars, Childlike items off marketplace? Such as this.... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Complete-Child-Avatar-Lori/890404 That avatar is way too big for a binky...Then also just the whole child avatar scheme. Or Maybe Consider Adult-verification to play second life such as credit card, of Birth-day year giving it a rated M for Mature. So again why does Linden Lab allow Child avatars on marketplace? It seems whole situation there isn't great for business period with how things are right now. Most land owners I know don't even want them in their store or Land.
  8. This doesn't really connect for terms of generation... This is more of a list of updates in an eye of the beholder. For example, Second life releasing bento is quite of an accomplishment for new technology for their product. Heck, surprised animesh didn't even make this list with that kind of mindset. However, all these updates in second life is really just doing the bare minimum just to compete against other gaming brands. Because this is actually what we see in other video games Raycast, Mesh, Hitboxes, etc. It's really not next generation. Anyway, as terms of this and next generation its really more like this. "generation. A generation can refer to a group of people who live at the same time and are about the same age. But generation is also the act of creating something, such as income, ideas or kids." I look at it more as the second part... A great example would be the console period which we are still dealing with today from the year 2000. Depending on what hardware you own = better FPS. Two decades later, 2020 we are now looking into streaming major graphic demanding games through your web browser. Google Stadia as an example. 2030, I predict VR (Virtual Reality) will come back yet again and probably become affordable, more commonly used, because of company's cloud gaming service. Because then you just gotta buy an affordable headset console around 200-300 bucks, then pick an affordable streaming service platform paying 10 dollars a month. Anyway... that's really more next generation when you're comparing stuff decades apart.
  9. Interesting, I wonder if they're going to charge for Group Notices next for residents that spam groups.
  10. Better clothes for male avatars be a good place to start. For example, I think deadwool and Stray dog released pretty good items last month for men as the joker. However, november seem to be pretty meh on items.
  11. I've talked with Teegle a few times, they're actually looking to fix the speed control with next update. I've also talked to waterhorse about that, however the scripter seems to be busy with other stores such as Niramyph and other major stores that he works for. As for the Teeglepet horse again, perhaps it could be that. However, for tall men riding the original Teeglepet horse it looks like we're riding a pony.
  12. I'll be real the mesh on waterhorse is so much better. However, the downside for that company it would seem is that the scripter is to busy with other projects.Whereas teegle horses can keep up with the demands for all these features. Teegle also has a third person doing their animations that owns a store called *~Mythril~*. Although, waterhorse as mentioned has a way better mesh/art designer for the time being. I don't think they are going to be able to compete against Teegle for features. Teegle also seems to keep releasing "more" cartoon looking horses so it might be better just to hold out until their art designer puts in the work.
  13. Not sure how that is funny? This article is actually incredibly accurate, thus many others just play other video games. Due to reason three lag. Perhaps take off those rose tinted glasses?
  14. Well because of phishing links that want your credit card information or F you over. Gave rise to this idea PREVIEW link with image, BEFORE clicking. That way you're safe from harm. However, it's now manifested also into memes. However, with all the scammers in Second life it would make sense to have preview link in general do so less likely getting cucked.
  15. Woah, I noticed can't do armor text emoji either... ⛨ 🛡️ Would be really nice for meters I'd imagine.
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