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  1. I was wondering if big groups with 1k+ members was it possible to change the group name with out everyone moving over.
  2. I know, Discord premium is making a lot of money with custom Emoji's. I'm surprised second life hasn't worked out something like that for their "premium" accounts. Groups could also work in a very similar way when thinking about it for special Emoji's as well that you can use in any chat.
  3. Ah, was just curious because i knew second life didn't do Emoji's either for their chat system. Was curious for pictures if there was a way to switch that on.
  4. I was wondering if it is possible to make Gif's and pictures see-able in Group Chats BEFORE clicking in Second life. Sorta like how Second Life Forum's and Discord work already.
  5. Then we couldn't pay Linden Labs to upload mesh for us. It would be a major hit on the economy.
  6. I would like to see SL run at 50-60 FPS average. In addition with land being cheaper. Those would probably be my only two wishes.
  7. Should try it 8456, It's alot easier then use 9 to jump, 3 to crouch. Alot of left handed gamers on SL use NumPad. Puts arrow keys to shame.
  8. I use WASD to move around all the time, Left handed people use Num Pad to move around. Just turn numlock off.
  9. Sim's don't need to be saved, sim's should just be cheaper. I'm baffled why players can't host their own sim/land using their own IP connection like you could on OpenSim, Or Minecraft. If only land was more affordable, there would be a lot more to do.
  10. Should try out Honey Extension on google chrome. Turns out it works on SL marketplace for benefits... https://gyazo.com/544c949d9e1455ea2273d944dd4f32c8
  11. Urban sims could use some kind of events.... They don't even host races for L. It's all Gor and Medieval sims that post events.
  12. My SL Television I still need to have a Adobe Flash player for my viewer or TV's don't work. In fact, was posted in 2018... By a Linden. "Edited November 7, 2018 by Jeremy Linden"
  13. https://www.blog.google/products/chrome/saying-goodbye-flash-chrome/ So with flash becoming less common, is Second Life still going to be supporting Adobe Flash? It seems clear that Flash Player is becoming abit unsafe for our computers. It would seem SL is going to need to swap a way to play Media through SL.
  14. If only I didn't have so much regret for my shortly lasted TMP body, and TMP Head. I remember spending almost 50 dollars on that static mesh body. That I used for like a month before going bento.... Perhaps maybe showing good faith with your product by supplying buyers of the TMP to upgrade/try this Legacy body for free...I tend to find more people that wear this body the better the chances on rebuying on alts. For example, with a over over-saturated market of Bento mesh bodies now with prices averaging around 2500L, I feel like Signature Alice body will do better then this "Legacy Body" for Signature being cheaper, and more trust worthy company. Not to mention their bento update is for free... I do remember Catwa charging for their Bento update. However, that only worked because they were the ONLY bento mesh head creator at the time that was good. Whereas most heads suck. I really doubt Catwa could get away with that again with charging for an update with so many mesh creators around SL these days.
  15. Nah, it took off because of continents and a decent meter. Many people I met in SL didn't even know what gor was until they started playing here. It could be the same for many RP communities. If only they created something similar. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Thassainsel/152/23/23 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mirkwood Forest/206/105/2609 These two continents still have 7+ full regions connected. However, before I started playing I heard there were 20+ to 30+ full regions all connected.
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