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  1. You got two real options Eternal Conflict, free & grindy... However, if you go destroyed you lose all your stats. Now if you wanna take the more expensive, and no RP at all route. Can check out bloodlines.
  2. Could check out Game of Thrones if you want anything else Medieval besides gor. Although, feudalism meter itself kind of sucks.
  3. It's a real shame that most animesh pieces are 30 - 40 land Impact. Now some may call me stingy for this, but I prefer most my objects around the 1-7 Land Impact range or I don't set it down. Is There any chance that Animesh is going to get an update to take up less prims/usage.
  4. Yeah, Gacha's belong in skill gaming regions. So many "Makers" are putting the 1 item people want making them spend 4k-7k on a product. In short this is why Lootboxes became Illegal in Hawaii, and other countries.
  5. If you wanna see some true "Gaming" visit sims using a Combat meter such as Gor or Wild West. Edit: I can even invite you to the Gorean tournament guild if you wanna try to win some $ if you're good at fist fighting.
  6. No Not sure what any of that means.
  7. I can fix the GREY issue when I do Edit Appearance. The grey avatar then goes away. However, my feet still sink into the ground with HOVER Being OFF.
  8. I'ved tried clearing viewer cache, tax refresh, logging into other regions, and Avatar>Avatar HEalth >Reset Default Avatar. And Some odd reason I cannot fix this glitch... Photos down below.. My avatar also sinks half way into the ground. As you can see in the third photo my hitbox wont even grow. It's like my avatar is distorted. People also claim I'm a cloud to others. This just started today soon as I logged in.. curious if anyone else getting this glitch?
  9. Pretty much, why I was looking into it. May be wishful thinking, but if they get sims could be around the ball park or 40 dollars, or may even be free. However, Guess I'll wait abit longer to see what appears as news.
  10. Depends, I think SL could thrive for quite awhile next decade or so. However, that's if LL decide to update their engine.And quit investing so much on a dead product like Sansar. VR isn't gonna be worth money looking at until another decade.
  11. That it confuses new players. And there is no real point in having both. It's bad enough SL has a complex inventory, then they have to worry about how "Mesh attachments" work.
  12. And this is where the game engine gets confused. Wear: Wears item on your avatar REPLACING mesh and any other random spots on that attachment point. Add : Adds the mesh to count towards your 38 attachment slot limit. In addition most game designers do not have the item SET to the specific slot for pants. Therefore, this creates many issues with WEAR when putting on a pair of pants will detach Shirts, shoes, hair or anything on that SPECIFIC attachment point.
  13. How come Lindon labs hasn't fixed WEAR for mesh items. For example, in order to add mesh you must choose ADD, not WEAR. Is this ever going to be fixed for new players?
  14. I'm surprised alot of successful stores don't do this. Instead of Homesteads.
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