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  1. Pretty much, why I was looking into it. May be wishful thinking, but if they get sims could be around the ball park or 40 dollars, or may even be free. However, Guess I'll wait abit longer to see what appears as news.
  2. Depends, I think SL could thrive for quite awhile next decade or so. However, that's if LL decide to update their engine.And quit investing so much on a dead product like Sansar. VR isn't gonna be worth money looking at until another decade.
  3. That it confuses new players. And there is no real point in having both. It's bad enough SL has a complex inventory, then they have to worry about how "Mesh attachments" work.
  4. And this is where the game engine gets confused. Wear: Wears item on your avatar REPLACING mesh and any other random spots on that attachment point. Add : Adds the mesh to count towards your 38 attachment slot limit. In addition most game designers do not have the item SET to the specific slot for pants. Therefore, this creates many issues with WEAR when putting on a pair of pants will detach Shirts, shoes, hair or anything on that SPECIFIC attachment point.
  5. How come Lindon labs hasn't fixed WEAR for mesh items. For example, in order to add mesh you must choose ADD, not WEAR. Is this ever going to be fixed for new players?
  6. I'm surprised alot of successful stores don't do this. Instead of Homesteads.
  7. Well if you're looking to sell art I'm assuming mesh.. you can experiment for free at a local sandbox, then sell on Maketplace. Just don't leave your crap out or get crazy with the prims.
  8. GE ((Gor evolve)) ones do, which are few but bigger cash prizes such as 20k first, 15k second, and 10k third last one iknew of was like last summer. BTB - ((By the book Gor)) so just make a male classic avatar then you're good. Alot of IRL females do this too look the role. The weekly tournaments normally are BTB.
  9. If they knew how to script & mesh thats the only time you rent land....But even then Marketplace would be a wiser route too sell your merch... In addition, if players are coming to forums asking about how too make Lindon last thing they wanna be told is "Go buy land, you'll make more money." No, that's not how the real world works..You should point out why they should buy land. Land is nothing more than a server to store space...The fact LL charges so much for it is just bonkers and terrible for business. So if you're creating mesh, this could be handy That's it.
  10. I think all gamers are toxic. But if you show up to the tournaments, all you really wanna come in is in your underwear... or something you could get at freebies like this. freebies- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ibiza/40/40/3016
  11. Correct, in theory if you got a Furrie Kur impregnating Humans. You'd think you would see some Neko's running about.
  12. methods of making L are abit grindy. However, you don't got invest anything to do either. You could play Voodoo.. Or if you wanna make serious dough --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Every Friday night they're sword tournaments if you wanna make a free sword at LR weapons then try your skill at PVP then I'd step into my ring. Tournament prizes normally are 2500L ((First)) 1500 ((Second)) 1000 ((Third)) Every Man for himself at end ((1000)) Also there is a Gorean Tournament Guild you can join, which I or other people can invite you to. For other major sword tournaments, For example next sunday besnit is hosting one where first gets 10kL.
  13. Well, I guess furries you couldn't be something like a Dragon for a kur. However, I've seen loads of people use panther & werewolves avatars from Jomo, Niramyph, and etc. Kurri also drove space ships and had human female slaves that they would impregnate.. So you can't really expect giant dumb ugly monster.
  14. How is it ignorant? They even get to use a beast meter which is stronger then the default hud. Normal Meter = ((Normal settings)) Beast meter = 50% damage reduction to arrows and melee..
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