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  1. Because gambling is a scam. They're doing you a favor before wasting your money playing it.
  2. I don't see VR taking off until another decade unless they somehow lower their prices. Still 500 bucks too own a oculus rift..
  3. Would seem Linus is getting about 20 FPS on Tomb Raider. I wonder how low the FPS would be on Second life with an 8k computer...Would it run? or just crash.
  4. You're creating your avatar all wrong. You should start off with a shape you ideally LIKE. Then go from there.. and take suggestions from the creators note card. If you're trying to wing shapes/looks on your own expect to be wasting a lot of L.
  5. yeah, if you like getting junk like jockstraps as a joke for your birthday or christmas lol.
  6. I made a wishlist so friends would quit sending me junk, was curious how to link it into one of my pic's. So others could view it.
  7. Well setting up a homestead region is even more expensive about 100k+..Would make more sense just to sell more of these Double prim regions instead of very rarely... Like I'm fine paying the 40k one time then upgrading to premium, the problem is they're not selling more right now just all 351 regions now.
  8. I noticed some of the mainland for sale you can own 1024 acres that you can own with DOUBLE the prims at 702. Whereas most of these parcels only offer 351 amount of prims for 1024 acres of land. Why is there a imbalance for 1024 acres land... And why isn't this mentioned for premium members trying to buy land. If this is the case then "Area" isn't as important people would rather care more about Parcel Capacity in firestorm search...
  9. Memory. Like you can you can use two 8 Gigabyte cards to get 16k memory. Or just use a 16 gigabyte.
  10. SL requires alot of ram to run, For example if you got around 5-8k ram you wont rez stuff as frequently on your viewer and could resort to crashing. Normally if you wanna PVP in SL you need atleast two sticks of ram and be around 16k, or you're gonna have issues moving. The thing with processors for SL you need to have it also current which is odd. For example, I got another buddy that can play Fortnite, and Battlefield. However, when it comes to gaming on SL his processor strangely can't handle it because its old.
  11. I play decade old video games. Old video games actually run better then SL. However I think Linden Labs could actually benefit alot if they only hired a few Video Game Designers. To understand how video game engines work, and how they need to be compatible with graphic cards using its CORES. For example weaker graphic cards tend to have 700 cores, whereas stronger graphic cards have 4k.. Nasa creating a new graphics card using 8k cores. Linden Labs needs to not be using our rams or processors to generate the graphics or it overheats the PC's.
  12. Yeah, some people can't figure out "Virtual World" is actually a game Genre. For example, Minecraft is the same video game Genre as Second life. However, you can make money on this game apparently.
  13. This is why people join the tournament groups. Hosts give their L away to get some humor out of who is going to be winning it. I wish I could only say the same about shady club contests.
  14. I just checked that group out... Seems more for people advertising for their vehicles/club events. Saw like one race for 300l...Assuming first. You can make way better L doing jousting/horse archery events in Medi-Fantasy Events & Information. Waterhorse tournaments using the Unity Jousting meter tend to have prizes around 6500L first, 4500L 2nd and like 3000l third or by Joining Gorean Tournament Guild for similar prizes for tarn racing they do once every 2 weeks. Although, if you find any decent urban groups throwing L away I'll gladly check it out. Theres also Tharl Racers of Gor. But they're using breedables so I never really got into it.
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