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  1. Thank you so much. Absolutely. I am headed there now!
  2. Good day everyone! GridWide TV is seeking comedians, singers and much more to appear on our forthcoming revitalized morning talk show, Wake Up! Second Life. Each week Callie and Tatum Spade will interview some guests and feature a special performance. The new version of the show is set to premiere early May 2018. Please drop a note card to XanderRosewood if you would like to appear on the show. In the meantime, check out the brand new promo below. Wake Up! Second Life promo
  3. Wake Up! Second Life is being revitalized with two brand new co-hosts, Callie and Tatum Spade! Check out the promo and make sure to tune in for the first brand new episode in over nine years! Wake Up! Second Life promo
  4. GridWide TV will be launching in late 2018/2019 and we are looking for enthusiastic people to come on board. We are seeking to fill the following positions: Sales agents On-air personalities Photographers Machinimatographers Talent coordinator Marketing Scripters Builders Please drop a note card to XanderRosewood Resident today to set up a meeting. GridWide TV will be a collaborative network that will feature exciting, original content from various machinimatographers across the grid.
  5. Good evening, I wanted to invite machinimatographers, writers, and visionaries to come on board with the new in-world TV network that I am hoping to launch soon called GridWide TV. I am aiming to have a collaborative TV network where can feature all sorts of exciting content from in-world music videos to late night talk shows. Please feel free to drop me a note card in-world if you would like to get involved. This is going to take some time to really get off the ground but if we can find the right team I fully believe we can be a success.
  6. Emerald House Entertainment in association with Gridwide TV is seeking two on-air personalities for their revival of the popular morning show, WAKE UP! Second Life. This would be a weekly broadcast and would film once a week. The co-hosts would discuss hot topics, venues they've visited throughout the week, and interview interesting guests. Pay would be $500L per episode with a possibility of more as we take on sponsors. Please message/drop a note card to XanderRosewood Resident in world. 1. You must be comfortable using voice. 2. Your native language must be English 3. You must have a quality shape and skin 4. You must be outgoing You do not have to be 30 days or more old to apply for a co-host position. If you have what it takes do not hesitate to contact me today!
  7. Emerald House Entertainment is seeking staff members from advertising agents, to location scouts, and much more. Message me in-world, or drop me a note card if I am not online.
  8. I am seeking actors for the forthcoming vampire machinima series Into Midnight. Seeking three men, and two women. Thanks. Message me asap.
  9. I am casting for the upcoming vampire machinima series Into Midnight and need three male actors and two female actresses. Message me asap.
  10. Into Midnight the groundbreaking vampire machinina is being revived for 2019 by Emerald House Entertainment! We are in need of cast and crew! Please drop me, XanderRosewood Resident a note card in-world if you would like to get involved. In the meantime, check out the promo from the original 2009 broadcast below. Into Midnight - YouTube
  11. Into Midnight is returning! That's right! Emerald House Entertainment is reviving the groundbreaking vampire machinima series and we are looking for a cast and crew! Check out the teaser from the original 2009 broadcast below and apply today! Drop a note card to me, XanderRosewood Resident asap to get involved! Into Midnight Teaser - YouTube
  12. Explicit Delusions - Teaser Trailer - Check it out
  13. Good day, I am launching a new dating, sex, and advice tv show in-world in early 2018 and am seeking an on air personality with a lot of charisma to host this show. 1. You must have a high quality shape and skin. 2. You must be able to communicate in voice and in English. 3. You must possess a lot of charm and charisma There are no age requirements (i.e. 30 days or older). I'm just looking for someone who'd like to have fun and help other residents with their sex and dating questions. Get in touch with me today. XanderRosewood Resident
  14. I am seeking several business associates to help launch a brand new in-world television network. Please drop me an in-world note card and I will contact you asap.
  15. In early 2018 I will be launching a brand new store called D&B (Duke & Beary). It will be a high-end mall and will feature designers from all over the metaverse. I am looking for designers who may be interested in renting a space. The rental fee will be 400L a month for a store front in the new mall. I am also seeking investors. Please reply to this post, or send me an offline IM and I will get back to you asap.
  16. Seeking two on air hosts for a bi-weekly talk show. Message me in world for all the details.
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